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  1. DAMN T, you really be breakin it down. You dont know how much appreciate your help. I finally got the pro version patched and runnin. as far as the games i havent tried them but all i did was load the romcenter.dat file (by the way why 2 diff dat files, whats the other one?) well i loaded the romcenter.dat file and just hit fix rom to rename all the bad files. thats as much as im able to understand so far just cause i havent been able to find patches or the missing files that romcenter says im missing. As far as crc, what is that and where do i see it? again thanks alot for your help, im actually understandin this lil by lil and i just wanna get be able to get good enuff that maybe one day i can help someone in the manner you helped me, thanks
  2. damn thats a really really nice explanation of romcenter and dat files t. that helped alot especially with the patches explanation also. im gonna get right on that. ok a few questions, when i scan for roms, sometimes it shows it with a small x in the corner for example it will show some yellow or red zip/rom pictures and some yellow or red with a small x. what does the small x mean? Also, some say missing files, so i went to romshare and redownloaded the rom but is still was missing the same files. So am i gonna have to actually have to search for those individual files? As far as in romcenter, everytime i saw it say "bad name" i selected it and chose "rename rom" and it looks like it fixed it so hopefully thats what im suppossed to do. Now i applied the pro patch to fba_26_08 with lunar and when i run it, it doesnt load, so i replaced the.xbe file with just the fba_26_08.xbe without the patch and it doesnt load either. Do i have to clean something out the hdd for it to work?
  3. i also dont know what to do with the dat files and romcenter
  4. Yo what up pr, i found that thread but it still doesnt say or give a how-to. it tells me a couple places to go for checkin for roms, but it doesnt say how to use romcenter or how to patch or what cloning is. im tellin you i dont understand any of the roms, im just like that guy that was in that thread, got the baed cause it seemed like it was all put together and ready to go but in reality its not, its missing roms and now i need updates and patches. i got all the tools i think, and hopefully i can learn how to use newsgroups so i can get the missing roms but then how i get all that together i used the lunar patcher to path the defualt.xbe and in the avalaunch menu it recognizes it as fba-xxx pro but when i start it, it stays on a black screen and never loads
  5. I've had BAED3b for some time now and i believe it was edited by PRICAN (which is how i got to this site). As far as the edition i have i guess its 6-04 thats was in the txt file in the iso. So basically i always see patchs for fba-xxx but i dont know how to do any of it or which patch to use. also some of the games dont work says its missing files so i guess i also have to re download some of the games. Basically was wonderin if i can get pointed in the right direction as far as a how-to for a newbie to this. i would like to get my rom discs up to date (BAED3A and 3B) Thanks in advance for any and all help
  6. Well i have BAEDb redone by PRican. I applied the patch to the defualt but it wont boot it goes to the MXM dashboard menu, when in the menu it recognizes the disc and says that its FBA-xxx pro but when i select it to start it just reoboots into the dashboard. So when i went to delete the defualt file i accidently deleted the original so now im stuck with the patched defualt. Is there anyway to unpatch it or fix it or what can i do i do not want to download BAED again lol. So i have all the files that come on PRican's remake of BAED what can i do. Is it alright if i get in contact with you PR on aim if i have to?
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