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  1. hello what is fba Xtreme and what are the advantages of it / fbaxxx pro?? thx
  2. Make as you want but i'm not the only one... Bye.
  3. So either my install doesn't have those glitches or I'm missing them. If I'm not noticing them it might be because I'm not sure what they sound like. What do they sound like (pops, crackles, silence, etc...)? I don't handle english as language but i say that seems be crackles and mini mini glitches...it's not on music i said but in sound effect too... In order to summin up, i would say that for me the pro version is not the same level the Gogo's version...
  4. these glitches appear in games such blue's journey, alpha mission2, ninja commando......this is the same pb like sound problemes like gogo's version in last august..... the last time i said you it's ok but i sait it because i return to gogo's version which run fine....you have surely modified something in sound parameters and it occured minor glitchs in sound...... THE MOST NOTICEABLE IS THAT anybody had noticed in august the minor sound glitchs but they exist and Gogo has completed to resolve them but it is not the case in your version....... these glitchs occured every 2-5 minutes and they aren't no long...... A++ sorry for english but i'm french
  5. The 1.28 version is concerned by mini sound glitches.....I've already noticed on the last pro versions but you don't resolve this problem.... GogoAckman has repaired this sound problem in the release of january but i think you don't have noticed that your pro version is touched by some sound glitghs which occured all 2-5 minutes..... This fact gives Gogo's version a high interest because the sound in NG games for instnace is more agreable without these mini sound glitches..... Bye
  6. it's OK, i have delete my save and now it's great See you soon
  7. I just tried those games with those settings and I have no sound problems at all. Which video mode are you using, HD or non-HD? and PAL or NTSC? hello I use non HD and NTSC mode, in playing some minutes you can listen to some sound gliches..... See you soon
  8. for instance in alpha mission 2, blu'es journey, ninja commando audio : all ON and 48000 video : anistropic and 2*scale Gogo had this pb in the august version but nox it's corrected but in pro 's version is not the case apparently... See you soon
  9. there are always some sound glitchs...wheareas there aren't in fbaxxx version....why?
  10. the decrypted roms aren't available? before it was possible and now it's too long to launch some games like mslug5..... can you add these decrypted roms please? See you soon
  11. Hello Has +T+ given up the update of Pro version? There will be a Pro update of Gogo's 28.01.2007 version? See you soon
  12. Hello to everyone A new version of fbaxxx is available on logic sunrise ! 01-2007 Good play And big thx to Gogo!!!!! See you soon
  13. hello ! can you say me if the problems ( resize menu screen , music in menu..) in last pro-relesase will soon solve? since a lot of days there are no news about these.... thanks !
  14. hello ! can you say me if the problems ( resize menu screen , music in menu..) in last pro-relesase will soon solve? since a lot of days there are no news about these....
  15. OK ! and the sound pb in menu and resize menu , can you make a fix?
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