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  1. In ClrMamePro you can still create Raine .dat file by clicking "Create" in the Profiler window, pointing to Raine.exe and specifying "RAINE" as emulator type. That's how I maintain my set.
  2. Voodoo84

    Raine 0.93.5

    Just to say that, although this emulator is a one-man project and much more focused compared to two other heavyweights, I'm regularly following the development and your effort over the years is incredibly respectable. Please don't ever close the shop, even if you occasionally get tyred of it
  3. I have the complete romset for version 0.91.13 and decided to update it to keep it sync with the latest version, because the development has heaten up again. So I generated DAT with the latest clrmamepro by pointing out to 64-bit Raine.exe 0.92.6. However, after the scan, it turns out that the old romset against new DAT is already complete, 0/1076 sets missing, 0/16191 roms missing, 17 gb romset size (unpacked). Tux, can you please confirm that between 0.91.x and 0.92.6 there were no new ROMs introduced in driver files, only bugfixes?
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