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  1. Oh, right, yes of course, I get it now. The C code written for 64 bits doesn't preclude compiling it for a 32 bits target. Thanks!
  2. I'm sure I missed something, I only checked the stats on github, I didn't actually browse all the code to find out where asm was used. You're right that on a touch screen Android device, emulation is not very attractive. I was thinking more about Android TV boxes (e.g. Minix). I was also thinking about handheld gaming devices based on ARM9 (e.g. AllWinner) or MIPS (e.g. Ingenic jz47xx), but as far as I know those are all using 32bits CPU cores, so not much chance of porting the 64 bits version to them.
  3. I remember years back you said that porting it would be difficult sicne a lot of code is asm. However, I just checked Github, and it seems the only asm is the video filters. Does that mean Raine is quite portable now, and an Android version is possible? I'd much rather have Raine (or FBA) over MAME these days. Thanks!
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