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  1. Yea Raq and Gavin are really feeling me on arcade games. Or rather Im totally feeling their pics. Id think that we 3 would have the best arcade ever. Which means Id need to serve Hamburgers, steak and cheeses, nachoes to seal the deal.


    Nah, you all fail. There's no classics in your lists except for DD in Gavin's. (And maybe Ghosts and Goblins.......sort of)


    You're in Florida right? I'm pretty sure there's a "museum" of sorts there (Or maybe it's in CA)

    Do what?... I ALSO put D&D , as did Raq. but I didnt format it into a list, but a paragraph, so perhaps thats my fault. Have you not seen an ultracade? Sure its not the same as having the specific cabinet... but it has some good old school classics, but without taking up a ton of space. Id put plenty of classics, but comming up with an adequate list is hard. There was alot of rubbish out there. Also, Im not a big fan of beat 'um ups. Other than a few specific ones... such as D&D 2. Im all for classics and all, but you cant have everything. And I just put alittle of everything, for everyone. Id like to cater to a more broad group... but without DDR... that if fail.


    Disney had a huge arcade here, but screw that. I dont recall a museum, but that doesnt mean that it isnt here either.


    You already listed several classics in your post, I thought it would be a more comprehensive list ITJF_OldMan ;)

  2. That is why Gamesurge fared so much better. Apart from the occasional Gamesurge flock up we had it going pretty well. Then pressure came to us so that we moved to EFnet and I was like, no. Then it went way downhill and EFnet 1emu screwed up as well. Now the revitalized gamesurge 1emu needs support so you guys should really come in and say hi. It's working great.


    For sure, we have more ops than we do members... please join.


    C'mon guys... lets make memories... no homo

  3. If your just starting out with fighting games imo its best to stay on the ground rather then jumping into your opponent. Work on your ground combo's. King of Fighters and SVC are good examples that work well with ground combo's. Games like MvsC1 and 2 Have jumping deep hits that set up certain combo's.

    This is just my opinionated take based on my experience and how different 2D fighters feel to me.


    In MvsC2 most of the damage done is in air combos.


    They can be difficult to master, but practice and experimentation makes perfect in this case.

  4. I hate to say it, but just like the Street Fighter movie so many fans say was "ruined", you can't ruin something that has no real plot to begin with!


    It's a series of fighting games, with tidbits of "plot" and "story", any more plot or story than the little screencaps in game with text, are fan added/made up based on those tiny little blurbs about each character.


    Please......why does anyone expect something "awesome" to even be possible with this crap. Same goes for Super Mario Bros and Double Dragon. Bad movies yes, bad "plot" based on the game? WHAT F**KING PLOT!?


    "I'm going to get on my bote, and I'm going to keeck, that sonofabitch Bison's ass SO HARD, that the next Bisonwannabe... Is going to feel et...."

  5. Update 2: Duke Nukem Forever publisher Take-Two has confirmed to Shacknews that it was not funding development of the 3D Realms project.


    "We can confirm that our relationship with 3D Realms for Duke Nukem Forever was a publishing arrangement, which did not include ongoing funds for development of the title," said Take-Two VP of communications Alan Lewis in a prepared statement.


    "In addition, Take-Two continues to retain the publishing rights to Duke Nukem Forever," he added.


    We should just await the official word...

  6. after alot of procrastination i am finally watching initial D


    Hey... I really liked that serie... considering that I hate cartoons with low character design quality... I missed the third season (or movie...).


    I am thinking to take a look at the classic Romance of the Three kingdoms... Koei games engaged me into this story... :thumbsup1:


    ROTK anime was great, I highly recommend it :thumbsup1:


    I recently finished Macross Plus OVA, was pretty good but coulda been more than four episodes.

  7. You could try testing it with an older version of MAME/MAME32. I would guess you have a bad romset but I'm assuming you already checked to see if this was the case. Run it with an older version and if you still get an error it is most likely related to the rom and I would recommend downloading it from somewhere else. You could also try downloading all the rom sets for that game to see if any of them work.


    It might be possible that you need to download the bios pack for that rom too (like downloading the neo geo bios pack to run neo geo games).


    If it works with the older MAME version then its either got something to do with your current MAME settings or theres still some kinks to be worked out...

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