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  1. Tekken has always had crazy (lame?!) characters. there are fighting bears in it for chrissakes, not to mention dinosaurs, kangaroos and robots.


    When you mention that, it makes sense.


    And pandas are endangered...


    Its like Bloody Roar minus the transforming... the creatures are just there.

  2. Started Infinite Undiscovery on the 360 now, pretty good jRPG although I still prefer turn based combat instead of this press A for light attack press B for hard attack style. The voice acting is horribly done though, I'm talking RE 1 bad, but more odd animeish random sayings that have really no purpose for where and when they are said.

  3. Fallout 3. Thinking of getting the Broken Steel add=on. Anyone playing it already?

    I'd buy it just to get rid of the level cap.


    Level cap raised to 30... pfft

    the level cap is really bothersome. It bother me that i do not gain experience from killing muties, slavers or raides :new:


    I eagerly await Fallout 4

  4. Been playing Sega Super Stars Tennis for achievements mainly.


    Its a decent tennis game. It seems like there is bad hit detection because sometimes the balls just fly right through your character. It is cool to see characters like Alex Kidd making a cameo. Another cool feature is the ability to smash zombies in a House of the Dead minigame mode. I guess the best part about this game is not the gameplay but all the appearances from Sega games that were actually worth playing.

  5. MM games are pretty linear.


    As long as you adjust to the dynamics of the game (expect enemies everywhere, time your jumps properly, learn patterns of bosses, etc.) the difficulty shouldn't get to you. I laughed when people complained about the difficulty of MM9 when it came out. If you ask me, 1 is still the hardest one... or maybe 2.

  6. Now this is what I'm talking about! For a while, my husband and I were dreaming about buying a HUGE building (like 6-10 stories). Each floor would have something for someone. We wanted to have paintball, rock climbing, laser tag, small movie theater and a bunch of other things. We wanted to have a floor specifically for arcades. Classics only though! (Another floor would be new school stuff and whatnot for kids) The games I can think of right now would be these:




    Donkey Kong


    Missile Command



    Space Invaders


    Robotron 2084

    Time Pilot

    Dragons Lair




    Double Dragon

    Road Blasters


    Golden Axe

    Captain America and the Avengers

    Mortal Kombat




    Tekken 2

    Tekken 3

    Street Fighter

    Street Fighter Alpha

    Street Fighter II Turbo



    We made a 2 page list of games we wanted. Including some air hockey and pin ball machines. (preferably the Terminator and Adam's Family ones)


    Hera, please do :)

  7. Well, not really, I'm actually reading my reviews that I made on this website. I can't really put emotion into voice overs because if I do, I'll stutter.



    aww that's cute. hehe. I was thinking about teaming up with a couple guys friends here and make a few vids. We wanna be serious yet comedic about things. Not too extreme though.


    Oh, you could do something like what Axl did! ;)

  8. I isolated the problem, its the HDMI fans whirring in the back.


    I have DC Brushless fans which supposedly make much more noise than the other 2 brands that Microshit uses apparently at random. Although they are supposed to have better airflow, I'm probably gonna replace the fans with the quieter Nidec 360 HDMI fans and hope for some results.

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