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  1. Im curious if i buy the game and stop paying can i at least play it offline?


    From what I think I now about mmos, they need online conn, which is soo lame considering if your have to stop using internet you have to stop playing this game that you bought with your own money.


    According to their website you can't play offline. (http://www.swtor.com/info/faq#170947)


    I've only heard good things about SWTOR, if you want to try it I think there is a free trial period last I heard.

  2. Sadly, it has been my determination that the only real deterrent is manual account approval. Ive also noticed that once the spammers figure out that a human has the final say on signing up, they stop trying. Granted, the bots still try, but they are scripts running on a machine, and they know nothing.


    So, the questions stop the bots, the manual approval stops the humans. Done and done.


    My technique is simple - While the applicant is waiting for final approval, I enter the given username and IP address into Google. if on the first page I see a reference to a site dedicated to logging Spmmer's IP addresses, I immediately delete the account. If instead, I discover that the user has signed up for a dozen or so forums in the last few days, all of which are unrelated --especially if the user signed up to forums in several different languages, I delete the account immediately. If I find references to the user that show actual posts being made in other places, or no reference at all, I approve the registration. It takes about 5 minutes or so to make a determination on a registrant at most.

    I do this same thing on a few boards, with the exception that I don't manually approve all member accounts. I just go through the member list like once a day. Spammers and bots aren't exactly known for their impeccable ability to choose decent usernames, either.


    This is late and a little unrelated but do you remember when your post per day count was like 52 when you first joined? That was flippin awesome.

  3. Yes, i have one. the 3D is not really great actually, and the controls are awkward. SSFIV and DOA are great, but didnt quite enjoy Nintendog and Mario Land :/


    There isn't much going on right now on it, launch titles were hit or miss and still nothing that great on it. I had the ambassador program stuff too, but the virtual console doesn't have enough yet either. I'm not impressed, mostly collects dust right now. Actually bought it in expectation of Megaman Legends 3...

  4. Not to sound like a kill joy but recently every other time I log on it is apparent the web is becoming more and more negative with what people post and share etc.

    It's either all about protesting this and protesting that, or the world wide recessions is just negatising people world wide.

    It's getting to the point for me where I would say go post a facebook status and stop dead in my tracks and think: 1. Will anyone reply normally or just your average "Im so funny" response. 2. Will a negative twat jump on it and grind it. 3. Is it really worth the hassle.


    I follow a few forums, this one a football forum, do my fair share of faceshite and a few select sites that I use for news humour.

    i read once that if you distance your self from negative influence such as the news and places like social media sites and learn to live without them, that your mind is going to be a lot more at ease than say a guy who spends hours a day looking over every detail. With time you naturally find other things to entertain you.


    Sounds more like the world is becoming a negative place then huh...


    If its everything thats posted online well that stuff has to come from somewhere right? People tend to overreact on the internet anyway.

  5. These e-mails usually mean absolutely nothing. I received several in the past.


    I would recommend switching to utorrent, bitcomet is banned on several trackers.


    HTML downloading is fine. As far as I know, uploading raises the red flag, not the downloading. Rapidshare, Megaupload, etc. don't have this problem. So technically you can, and I have, received similar e-mails for uploads on DC++.


    Demonoid is essentially no ratio so share ratio is obsolete :unsure:


    You could switch to private trackers, you are usually safe on those. Or invest in a seedbox, you are virtually uncatchable unless you are stupid if you use a seedbox.


    I believe you may be overreacting a bit, don't sweat it.

  6. Sometimes you just need to recreate yourself in a manner of speaking. Its open to interpretation so I'll leave it at that but my advice if you eventually do follow that path would be to be mindful of who you become. You don't want to look back and realize you left something behind you can never regain.

  7. I bought it when it came out. Its not as great as some people make it out to be. In the end its just another PC RPG filled with fetch quests, mass item hoarding, and other common cliches. It loses its charm quickly, but it still can be fun to play. Annoyingly, it doesn't have any real LAN capability so don't expect to really multiplay this unless you find a private server or play on their actual server. In my opinion it was also really easy, I don't think I died once.

  8. You know...


    There was a time when this place was very "intelligent" and people always had something to contribute. Lots of threads were about gaming/emulation back then but those times have passed. I've also spoken with other users about how some of the posts on 1emu are just a waste of time to read, but there are ridiculous gems here and there. I just wish the revival of the irc had worked but no one here seemed too interested in logging in.


    Don't be hard on yourself for a thread you eventually just take back, even I've left this place with no notice for long amounts of time for seemingly no reason. Things just change, people just change.


    I don't expect some of those users from the past to ever come back, most of them are still around here somewhere, but like I said, things change.


    That is a brief mention of my perspective, something I don't offer all that often.

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