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  1. Didn't know that,, it works good, thanks. CHEERs
  2. Thank you Robert. Can you make a no-nag too, please? CHEERs
  3. rockarollo

    ARCADE 0.234

    @Agard, try the 2006 Complete version, here it works good with Arcade64. GREETs
  4. Where you got v0.231? I don't see it on the official page. I mean, Arcade64 Thanks
  5. Yes, was removed from Ui but I solved and your Arcade64 still use it ( really nice ) Was a matter of putting the Bezel artwork without zipping it like before then in Video options it appears and I can set it. Thanks
  6. Was Bezel option emoved from Arcade64? In "Miscellaneous" I see nothing under Artwork options Any tips for enabling it? Thanks
  7. I want to report I have issues using v0.230 like other users already said. Problem here is it doesn't save Custom Filter.
  8. Hello, sorry for the question but how it works? I mean, I have all my roms in roms folder and set the ROMs directory but HBMAME doesn't list my roms. I'm using the UI version and I thought it works like others MAME but maybe I'm missing something. Can someone help me? Thanks EDIT Ok, I found the problem. HBMAME works only with specific roms made for it. Didn't know that. Sorry for the question GREETs
  9. Why sliders values saving feature was removed? It's one of the best features of Arcade64. Put it back when you can, thanks!!!
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