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  1. Hi there, Compiling from git MESSUI repository....using recommended mame build environment on windows 10 X64 Compile of both messui and winui with "make PTR64=1 SUBTARGET=mess OSD=newui" and "make PTR64=1 SUBTARGET=mess OSD=messui" complete successfully and produce mame64.exe and mameui64.exe However when I try to run mameui64.exe I get a popup box with "MESSUI64 has detected an old version of comctl32.dll. Unable to proceed" Investigating with process monitor I find that it's trying to load the DLL from "C:\Windows\WinSxS\amd64_microsoft.windows.common-controls_6595b64144ccf1df_5.82.19041.488_none_4238de57f6b64d28\comctl32.dll" Which is version 5.82 of the DLL, so strange that it's failing the test. On further inversigation in mui_util.cpp, it seems to be failing the following test : FARPROC lpfnDLLI = GetProcAddress(hModule, "DllInstall"); if (NULL != lpfnDLLI) { ..... } return PACKVERSION(4,7); commenting out the if alows the test to pass and 5 82 is returned to the calling code in winui.cpp, however then it crahes with "Win32UI_init: Error creating main dialog, aborting" So something's wrong Cheers. Phill.
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