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  1. Thanks for posting this guys. Yeah, I'm still creating previews for the Xbox VideoGame Museum. Funny thing though, these work great in the new XBMC4GAMERS skin, set as preview.xmv inside the Resources folders. They just don't autoload like in UX. I've been correcting sound issues, bad translations (since this was originally a multi-language project) and just making them better where I see fit. My latest change was the music on the Launch DVD screen. I'll let you guys guess what it is. And as for the shutdown screen, I've been planning this one for years. I wanted something just as epic as the main Launch screen, and also match the music in some of the home screen videos, so I chose Dr. Wily to represent the Shutdown screen. It's like the adverse of the main screen with the cutesy game characters. If anyone has any better ideas, I'm open. Just want to finish packing in more characters to complete the museum. I'm currently working on homebrews and when i post them, they usually go here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AEItVXVUBg36SUeZ_IsaD9ie0wYyG12c
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