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  1. Actually I play with japanese version on XBOX 360, like you said sometime framerate is low....I see that in time attack without ghost car it's run almsot without slowing...maybe for rival race like marathon or bonus stage remove heart counter or position bar (and the gril friend passager....) maybe could be eliminate all problem...note that only 2 or 3 stage have temporary short framerate down...One question for STF could you check differrence betwen .xbe from xbox version chihiro version by hex editor...I have not enough knowledge for read and understand Hex...
  2. Dear What's the best SDK complier C++ for xbox classic in Win 7 64 bit and how to install? Do it have all librairi needed to code for xbox? thanks
  3. thanks you for this share. I some of question for Jeg elsker Norge, for possible edit xbe. The [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDlRJpIm1vY] OutRun 2 - Marathon of the 30 Stages https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDlRJpIm1vY is it avallable in time attack? it's seems no, do you think is it possible to hack .xbe for it. Did you see post about to force 720P via hex edit in .xbe? Do youthink is it possible for OR2? Same question OR2 C2C 2006? About OR2 C2C 2006, is it possible to patch .xbe for create a Marathon of the 30 Stages with OR2 + OR2 SP race? Last think, with buddy we try to run Chihiro version on Xbox 128 mb and we need all information about .xbe. Thanks NB: sorry for my poor english I am french.
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