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  1. Mucci

    ARCADE 0.244

    ARCADE compile-script updated, thanks Robert
  2. Thanks for all your builds Robert
  3. thanks StHiryu, found my "bug" -> I must use capital letters (STRIP_SYMBOLS=1)
  4. @StHiryu: what option do you user for compiling the exe? Seems that I miss an option with "make.exe -j13 TOOLS=1 NOWERROR=1 strip_symbols=1" as my exe is bigger than yours
  5. Thanks Pottzman for your update of my script. Maybe I will add some "repair" stuff to my script in the future as a result for the latest problem with gcc (problem is now solved). Your GUI improvement are great, I will look at it if it makes sense to me to add it to the script or not. Keep in mind that the tools are now moved from Conemu.exe to normal cmd.exe with the latest package (msys64-32-2017-02-05.exe).
  6. changed HBMAME now, the others are already fine Was on the way from "tags" over to "makefile" and now I'm using version.cpp/winui.h for getting the version number thanks Robbert
  7. updated the compile-script to V1.0a (get version number changed) -> http://www.mameguide.info/compiling.html
  8. sometimes are ppl on holiday
  9. Mucci

    ARCADE 0.179

    Thanks AntoPISA
  10. I have created a compile-script for ARCADE. Download -> http://www.mameguide.info/file/ARCADE_batch1.zip Picture -> http://www.mameguide.info/file/ARCADE_Compiling.jpg If you have not used one of my other scripts and you need a how-to -> download my MAME script -> There is a manual included (This script works the same way) http://www.mameguide.info/compiling.html When you have suggestions or corrections feel free to contact me. DO NOT post this link or information outside this forum, thanks.
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