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  1. Imh0tep

    ARCADE 0.227

    Thank you my friend, your built is by far the best 🙂 One small question: I cannot find hotwhl2p anymore, was it removed? Happy New Year! Let's hope for a better 2021.
  2. Imh0tep

    ARCADE 0.222

    Thanks Agard. Since I keep only a small collection of old school games, I did not find any other missing games.
  3. Imh0tep

    ARCADE 0.222

    Thank you Robert 😎
  4. Imh0tep

    ARCADE 0.222

    Thank you Robert! 😊 I cannot find "Ambush" anymore, was it removed?
  5. I deleted the INI folder but it didn't help much. When I turn on wait for vertical sync, sync to monitor refresh or even triple buffer, the sound is slower and sometimes suffering oder stuttering. When I leave these options off, the sound is fine. Try Phoenix, it's a good example.
  6. Very good hint! Thank you. It's easy to test with "Turtles" because the intro music will significally slow down when "Triple buffer" or "Sync to monitor refresh" or "wait for vertical sync" are on. When all three options are off, the music is back to normal. Highest impact seems to be "wait for vertical sync". Does this help investigating?
  7. Maybe they are in fact 5% too fast and that causes the sound suffering. I'm unsure.
  8. Hi Robert, I have a question regarding Arcade64: Many games seem to run slightly slower (about 5%) which effects the sound, it's suffering. Maybe the gameplay is 5% slower too, but that is hard to tell. When I run the same games using plain Mame64 (same directories, same INI and CFG and Plugin files etc.) they run at normal speed and sound is fine. Could you imagine why this happens? I really tried a lot already but couldn't find a reason. The slowed sound is a bit strange (I could upload samples if that helps). When started from the same directory, what difference is there between Arcade and Mame regarding the configuration? I'm lost. As usual, thanks a lot for your assistance as well as your efforts to make these builds. They are really appreciated! Sven
  9. Imh0tep

    ARCADE 0.218

    Thank you, your work is really much appreciated! Two questions: I see "lexizeus" is not supported (anymore?), is that by intention? Should "bigcsino" be removed because it's a gambling machine? Thanks again, Sven
  10. Imh0tep

    ARCADE 0.188

    Many thanks for this wonderful release again. I should post this more often but keep forgetting Arcade is superior to every other build, works perfect for me!
  11. Imh0tep

    ARCADE 0.181

    Thank you so much Robert for keeping this project alive!! Happy New Year
  12. Imh0tep

    ARCADE 0.178

    Many many thanks for keeping MAMEUIFX alive and further improvements!! Hooray for Robert and Mamesick :matrix: Arcade64 works perfectly for me.. Also I'm happy to see you post here Mamesick. I hope it means that at least some of your problems were resolved. Keeping my thumbs pressed for you
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