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  1. Imh0tep

    ARCADE 0.218

    Thank you, your work is really much appreciated! Two questions: I see "lexizeus" is not supported (anymore?), is that by intention? Should "bigcsino" be removed because it's a gambling machine? Thanks again, Sven
  2. Imh0tep

    ARCADE 0.188

    Many thanks for this wonderful release again. I should post this more often but keep forgetting Arcade is superior to every other build, works perfect for me!
  3. Imh0tep

    ARCADE 0.181

    Thank you so much Robert for keeping this project alive!! Happy New Year
  4. Imh0tep

    ARCADE 0.178

    Many many thanks for keeping MAMEUIFX alive and further improvements!! Hooray for Robert and Mamesick :matrix: Arcade64 works perfectly for me.. Also I'm happy to see you post here Mamesick. I hope it means that at least some of your problems were resolved. Keeping my thumbs pressed for you
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