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  1. Balthier

    ARCADE 0.179

    Well bad news then, all normal versions of Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting/Turbo are borked, they are running too slow. They play at pretty much the exact same speed as Champion Edition so it's like you're just playing CE with extra costume colors and balanced game play, which is good if you want to practice I suppose. I made sure by playing them in baseline mame first, then playing them in Arcade64. Mame plays them at the right speed. As I said before this has been the case since at least the 0.178 version, which is when regular MameUI got broken for a bit, and I don't know if you borrow code from that to build Arcade64 but maybe that has something to do with it if that is the case. Try for yourselves and see. It's really noticeable on the first bonus stage doing standing hard kicks with Guile, you can pull em off pretty quick mashing buttons in Mame, doing the same in Arcade64 he's kicking the same speed as the old SF2 games. That's why I wonder what else is broken here, because essentially the GUI is interfering with the emulation. One of the reasons I suggested that Arcade64 needs to just be a stand alone front end since most of what's out there is geared towards cabinets and the rest pretty much lack this particular feature set. I mean you don't provide any of the extras needed by Mame anyway so people have to download the whole Mame package and this one too just to toss away the baseline. A Linux version would be nice too but I'm not going to hold my breath for that by any means.
  2. Balthier

    ARCADE 0.179

    Gonna give this one more shot. Last night I was running Street Fighter II Turbo in sdlmame 0.178 on linux and noticed it was playing at the speed it would play in baseline mame and older Mameui/FX versions. Arcade64 0.178 runs the SF2 Turbo versions at the same speed as the Champion Edition versions which is too slow whereas Mame runs them a little too fast, at least the last time I checked anyway and that was due to wait states not being emulated and it looks like this was never fixed? http://mametesters.org/view.php?id=408 I'll post tomorrow to see if this is still the case with 0.179 as I'm not in Windows right now. If anyone else wants to test this out go right ahead. Start a game in Champion Edition and play for a bit and then try out Turbo/Hyper Fighting for any region, if Turbo isn't faster then there's something wrong going on with the UI mucking up the driver. I am also curious if this affects CPS2 games as well, I seem to recall Hyper Street Fighter II and Super Turbo playing a little too slow too. And if this is the case what other games/drivers are affected? This is not good at all.
  3. Funny because in the mame.ini file under CORE STATE/PLAYBACK OPTIONS: "snapbilinear 0" change this to 1 to affect snapshots or video and in the GUI options: uncheck "auto select size" and turn on bilinear filtering and voila, Arcade64 will apply filtering. Works the same in base Mame as well. 2 images of Samurai Spirits, the left is filtered at 640x480 while the right is not filtered at the same resolution. Sorry Robert but setting view mode to Pixel Aspect technically does get you a "picture perfect" image, crisp with no filtering applied, but games like Bloody Roar 2 which rely on a 4:3 aspect ratio will look like this with that option on... note how the image is squashed but pixel perfect none the less.
  4. I don't know what game that is but I just tried a snapshot on Space Invaders which is very similar to what you posted and it's not doing that filtering anywhere on the image. You sure you have the view mode set to internal and the bilinear filtering turned off for snapshots/movies?
  5. Balthier

    ARCADE 0.178

    Yeah of course the UI is fine, what I was trying to say was that perhaps it should be more of a separate frontend to Mame as opposed to being joined with it. Another question, how does the command.dat work now? I can't get it to show up in the UI at all, when I press tab I don't see an "External Dat" option anymore. The history and info dats show up in the side tabs in Arcade64 like they always did though.
  6. Balthier

    ARCADE 0.178

    I just found out about this yesterday. Once I downloaded it and set it back up I tossed Mameui in the trash, and good riddance. I hated having to go back to using that thing. So anyway, dumb question. Why is the UI grafted onto Mame itself and not just a stand alone UI? My basic understanding is that the UI just passes commands to Mame to run the games/software thus removing the need to open a console and type everything manually (even though Mame has a built-in UI which is very crude IMHO), and serves as a way to sort and find the games with its lists. I hate that Mame doesn't support a "folders" directory by itself, and I'm not a fan of its favorites menu. I have all my stuff sorted so I can find it quickly. The reason I ask is wouldn't it be easier to maintain if it was separated from Mame? Or would this require a complete overhaul of the code? I see there is no Mameui 0.178 and someone mentioned it was due to tons of errors when compiling, but I see Arcade64 is just fine lol. Personally I just think it would be nice to have all the great functionality of Arcade64, but without having it joined at the hip to Mame, so if I just want the latest Mame I can just get it and plop it in the directory and then Arcade64 can handle everything after that, like qmc2 does. I just couldn't get used to qmc2 for some reason, no matter what I did I just couldn't get it to feel like Mameuifx.
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