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  1. I'm just wondering what the missing 8 Neogeo games are (278 of 286) from using Prican's post. ie I'm trying to find out if they are known missings or there's something I may not have done when replacing my previous set. Many thanks to Prican for the post, I was missing loads of files before hand!!!
  2. Hmmm..... I'm 1 file in CPS2 and 8 in Neogeo missing according to FBA Pro 1.12 yet Romcenter says I'm only one real file missing? Bleeding odd Any idea's Prican? Using the usenet post from your kind self.....
  3. Ah...Just seen page 28 of this thread where the missing 12 games are mentioned. I presume this person did what I did and just grabbed the flood and their update. Will have to look into finding the missing bits bar those that are unrealeased
  4. Prican, Grabbed your usenet posting and I'm showing 1 missing from CPS2 which I presume is that jgoketc etc etc and 277 of 286 of the Neo geo stuff. Any idea's what ones are missing as I've not had a chance to Romcenter the set as I'm short of time at the mo. From the quick scan of the thread I can't see any mention of this, my apologies if it has been answered already. Thanks
  5. Just hoping I can have a pointer.. Just noticed FBAXXX2412 has been released as has your update djohng. I tried patching the 12/11 version with the patch inside and it didn't seem to work. Just hoping you can say what version to use the patch on and if it needs to be prepatched with the normally unsupported patch 1st. Tried a few combinations but no real joy. Yours sounded like what I wanted as the roms are more along the mame ones whereas the FBAXXX ones seem to be weird versions that changed almost totally from the version before the 12/11 version?? I went from having a full set of roms to having almost pure series or red sets under ClrMamepro with the newer dat it made....
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