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  1. Great app for the original Xbox! I have some requests for future additions to be considered. I am hoping that if I post these here, the right people might see them. These are not demands, they are requests from a fan of Coinops. First of all, Assault is one of my favorite games but the control scheme is broken. It's CLOSE but not quite there. I can elaborate in a PM if needed. Secondly, the original Double Dragon (NES) is not included - no idea why, parts 2 and 3 are there. Lastly really enjoyed the Forgotten Worlds 'Robotron Control' version and it dawned on me that several other games could benefit from the same control scheme. Caliber 50 Exterminator TouchDown Fever T.N.K. III (US) Ikari Warriors (US) Time Soldiers (US Rev 3) Ikari III - The Rescue DownTown downtown Bermuda Triangle (Japan) Guerrilla War (US) Gondomania (US) Victory Road Heavy Barrel (US) SAR - Search And Rescue (World) Xybots (Kinda) Tron Crater Raider Kozmik Kroozr Mad Planets Aztarac Victory Discs of Tron Zwackery Frontline Tin Star Wild Western Sheriff Thanks for reading!
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