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  1. <p>Thanks so much for releasing this! I have a question that I can't seem to find an answer for. Mednafenx-NES seems to always reset the game if I enter a menu. It will even reset itself as I'm trying to save a state, so essentially I can't save states either. Is there a setting I'm missing that prevents the game from resetting when I enter the menu from within the game? Thanks!</p>
  2. try looking for something called ntsc filter or something like that. Thanks! I was able to fix it by re-uploading the files to my Xbox. I've got scanlines now!
  3. Thanks for the link! I installed this, but I don't see any "Scanlines" options in the Software Filter options.
  4. I've been using the MednafenX Main v15 (Madmab edition) on my Xbox. I like it compared to NestopiaX, though with NestopiaX I can choose a "Scanline" option in the Software Filter to give me plain old scanlines without xSai, Eagle, etc. Is there a way to add this option into the Software Filter options in MednafenX? I've done my fair share of searching with no luck. Thanks!
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