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  1. Robert thank you for make it clear and its me who posted before i am just building a cabinet with xbox and the coin in the game is select button so can't exit the game.
  2. Hi , i am a big fan of arcade game ,and the old xbox ,i have four of them so thank you for your efforts developing the emulator ,i have a little request ,can you add or change the combinition to exit game to a long press on start button (ex for 7 sec) i am very appreciated if you can done that. sorry for my bad english
  3. i know the 0.84 is old but its the only source code i found so if they add it in the next build that will be amazing.
  4. i know this feature never been part of mame. i hope the team add it i dont know any one from the mame team, so if you know someone you can suggest it for them, they will like the idea, the reason is preventing accidently exit game and its cool feature.
  5. so i can use a set delay time with one button ?
  6. can you please add the exiting game with long press on start instead of start+select
  7. Like i said i want to replace the exit to game list with start+select with long press on start
  8. i have mameox 0.84 sourcecode is there a way to add long press function to it
  9. First I appreciate the hard work for making mameox, and i like it very match i am a big fan of old classic game so here my SUGGESTION for the emulator, i want to exit to game list with long press on start button, in other way i want to costomize the key function file, so please take my suggestion in consideration **ps** sorry for the bad english.
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