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  1. ramonz

    Raine 0.64.13

    I was hoping for an actual fix for this problem. I must use OpenGL the get the shader Scanline 3X I want so DirectX is out. ctrl+rerturn effectively put Raine in real fullscreen, so the problem is still there. Windowed mode with border is not acceptable for me and unfortunately, the border less mode shift the screen down so part of the bottom of the screen is hidden and there is black bar on top. So the real fullscreen is broken and the full window border less is broken too as you can see, the word "credit" at the bottom is nearly chopped in half and the black bar on top is clearly visible too: So, until there is a fix for this, I'll keep using real fullscreen, and simply rapidly press escape 3 times to get the GUI. Thanks!
  2. ramonz

    Raine 0.64.13

    Hi! The color depth does not change anymore (THANKS!!!), but now the GUI menu is invisible once a game is running and escape is pressed to go back to the GUI in full screen. This problem doesn't occur in windowed mode. Tried to turn off "OpenGL overlay interface" and it didn't solve the problem. I already found a quick fix: If you very rapidly press escape 3 times in a row, from a running game, the GUI appear!!! It look like some kind of synchronization problem. Settings: Full screen, 32 bit color Windows 7 Aero = ON 1680X1050 resolution SDL video driver: Winlib Video rendrer: OpenGL Rendering: Textures Double buffer: Yes Shaders: Yes Scanline 3X OpenGL overlay interface: Yes Everything is much faster now. From launching the emulator, to running a game and back to the GUI. No more color depth change delays! Now, if only the menu would stop disappearing! lol!
  3. Hi! Thanks for the update, shaders (3X scanline) work like a charm now on my GTX 660 with drivers 365.19! Everything is perfect with this emulator now, except maybe 1 thing: The GUI/menu is reported by "video info" to be in 16 bit while the gaming is done in 32bit color. I can see that by the fact that as soon as I launch Raine32, my task bar switch from my regular 32 bit windows dark theme to the light blue 16 bit Windows theme. Then, when I select "play game", the screen switch back to 32 bit. As soon as I press escape to go back to the GUI, it switch back to 16 bit color again. Interestingly enough, if you switch back and forth from full screen to windowed and full screen again, it temporarily fix the issues and the GUI is in 32 bit. Until you paly 1 game and get back to the GUI, in 16 bit again. I tried to decompress the latest version of Raine32 into it's own folder and used the default configuration, just to be sure in case of a wrong/corrupted configuration. Same thing. Also, I double cheeked that Raine32 was NOT running in compatibility mode making sure "disable desktop composition" was NOT selected. It's not a huge deal, I still can play all the games in the correct 32 bit mode, but the constant back and forth from 16 to 32 bit every time I access the GUI introduce an annoying delay and screen flashing from my LCD switching from one color mode to the other. The issue is not discernible in Windowed mode, but I use Raine32 in full screen. My specs: Intel 2500K 16GB RAM GTX 660 with latest drivers 3 X LCD 1680X1050 (2 X DVI, 1 X HDMI to DVI) Windows 7 64bit, Aero ON.
  4. ramonz

    Raine 0.64.7

    If by timing you are refering to the refresh rate, it stays at 60Hz in both the menu and in game. The resolution doesn't change either, it's stays at 1680X1050. Once a game is loaded and running, if I press ESC and go in "Video options / Video info..." I can see 1680X1050 ***16 bpp***. My Windows task bar also switched to light blue, as if it also turned off Aero. As soon as I go back to the game, it switch back to 32 bpp and my Windows task bar goes back to black to reflect my Aero theme settings. It's really the monitor switching back and forth from 16 bpp to 32 bpp to/from the menu/game that induces a long delay each time. For me the real question is: why does the emualtor *must* swtich to a 16 bpp color palette when in the menu in full screen? In windowed mode, It stays at 32 bpp all the time, in menu and in game. No menu in 32 bpp in full screen is a strange bug indeed. I'll run the emulator in a full screen window for now as you recommended, until a permanent solution is implemented. Thanks for the reply and good luck with SDL2, Ramon
  5. ramonz

    Raine 0.64.7

    Hi! Thanks for the fantastic emulator! I have only 1 complaint!: I tried practically all the possible combination of video driver, video renderer and renderer option but the main menu always revert back to 16 bit colors while the game is in 32 bit. This constant color bit depth switching from game to menu is very annoying (the LCDs take considerable time to swtich) and I was wondering if it's a bug or is something wrong I'm doing! Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, fully patched Aero ON GTX 660, drivers 355.60 Intel 2500K @ 4.7Ghz 16GB RAM 3 X LCD 1680X1050 EDIT: Forgot to mention that only happen in full screen. Thanks, Ramon
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