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  1. New version yiei! A lot of mercys and Thank yous to you mister!
  2. They took my history to the big screen without my permisson?! This hollywood guys, i hope they dont find out that i dress like a bat and go to fight against the crime in the night, it's hard too, one dude with his face paint like a clown it's giving me a hard time.
  3. Hi everybody i'm here again! Alive and well, i got stuck in an island, the only friend i have was a volley ball, it was tough, but im ok! Cheers!
  4. I'm here! Barely alive! Got baddly sick! Sorry Tux, when i get better gone to continue to make the translation. Glad to hear about the new updates, i will continue giving you ideas untill the Raine gets all pimped out! The karma its pretty mad at me, got sick, my internet conection died, mi HDD quit, loss a few jobs (for my sickness), a street fighter 2 CE jamma pcb stop working, and i lack courage to ask a gorgeous girl that i know to go out! The karma is kicking my ass. Hola theelf! Avise cuando venga por Tucumán así le convido unos mates y hacemos unos combates! Sorry again Tux! I'll be back
  5. Hi again! Ok i just ended 99% of the translation, missing some thingy here and there. I'll try to clean it a little bit more later, but i think it's good for now. I attached the file to the post again. Excellent, the new implementation! Raine gonna be more pimped out! Oh, and i remember that there is a simbol for the start button, a "S" in a circle (button), i dont know if you are referring to that, but the implementation of the direccional and players button it's already pretty awesome. I'm gonna finally start trying to compile Raine, tonight or tomorrow! and test the new features. Thanks for taking my idea! You are a nice person! Cheers! es.zip
  6. Okey dokey, back again! A work for me appeared and have little time. And yes, i am a little energetic Good to hear about all the updates! And 1500 strings, i don't know why but i feel ecxited, i think, i like translate things? Found some strings that Raine don't translate, but exist in the .po file (i.e. -- Options --), after translating the new file i'm gonna check if this problem persist and inform you wich strings are, just to not make a lot of trouble for maybe nothing. Oh, and Poedit give me a warning about the strings "Transparency for 1 (25% default)" and "Transparency for 2 (50% default)" saying something about "not the same format" ¿? And, when testing this translation in Raine, in the menu where this strings appear, give me a lot of strange characters. But, i fix this by opening the .po file and removing this "#, c-format" from below the strings (both). I'll change you the weather any time if you want, here is really really cold, like sub-zero cold... Tomorrow gonna start working the new translation! And see if finally i can start the compilation of Raine! For now i upload the new translation as an attachment as always. Cheers! es.zip
  7. Grabbed, and translated! I tested the new translation in Raine and worked good. I attached the files to this post. And make a list with some of the missing strings: Missing strings: -------------------------- Under "Game Selection" menu: "-- Options --" very strange, this string appears for translation, but does not change in Raine. -------------------------- Under "Load NeoCD game" menu: "-- Path..." same as -- Options -- -------------------------- Under "NeoCD/Neo-Geo options" menu: "Neo-Geo bios:" and "No NeoCD bios" -------------------------- Under "Video Options" menu: "Use double buffer (ignored by opengl)", "Use blending files (.bld)", "Transparency for 1 (25% default)" and "Transparency for 2 (50% default)" -------------------------- Under "Video info..." menu: all, except for Using unscaled blits. -------------------------- Under "Blits Options" menu: "Fullheight + Double width" -------------------------- Under "Video Options" menu: "Limit framerate <= 60fps" -------------------------- Under "Option" menu: "Minimum GUI resolution = VGA" -------------------------- Under main "Inputs" ---> "Raine controls": all except for this: cheat, console, fullscreen, load game and save game. -------------------------- Under "About" menu/screen: "Compiled on (date)", "Linked With" -------------------------- Under "Game options" menu, when a game is loaded: "CPU frame skip (1=no skip)" When select load game option and no games are saved the error message: "No savegames loadable for this game" When select save game option: "# - Free savegame slot" and under "Graphical layers" menu: "Fixed layer" and "Sprites layer" -------------------------- On the console: "console based on" and "no CPU initialized yet" -------------------------- Sorry for the sloppiness, the text it's taken from my binnacle, and i write things on the fly. Oh and thanks for the disk soft, think it's time to make a viking funeral for my HDD... es.zip
  8. Thanks to you! Apparently, Poedit automatic saves a .mo file when you save your progress, because a .mo file with the same name of the .po materialized from thin air in the same directory. I uploaded the files as a post attachment, i think that the forums in general hates me, because always get errors and things like that, i try to change my profile picture like 10 times now and nothing happens, no matter how that grey guy looks like me, i want other profile pic... I will try to upload as an attachment again, and in mega: https://mega.co.nz/#!YMAVnTqY!jQ_Z0heLVlspUGOYHalPf4_7EMDhXV9Ja5apXEV977U This is the code for the file if the forum rules make the link go away: #!YMAVnTqY!jQ_Z0heLVlspUGOYHalPf4_7EMDhXV9Ja5apXEV977U Oh yes, i am making a list for the missing texts, let you know when i complete that. Great news about the dipswitchs and inputs. There is a few things about the translation, but it's just gramatic, nothing important. But when i was translating, and thinking about the inputs, i got a little new idea: that you could use the graphic used in the command.dat to help configuring the inputs, you know, in the inputs menu at the side of the description i.e. "UP" the up arrow appears, and the same with the buttons, each button appears, accompanied with his respective description, just to make Raine more pretty and be the envy of his brothers and cousins emulators. Downloading the new pre-compiled packages! Cant make me a little bit of time to start trying to compile Raine plus, my cpu it's start to behave funny, i think that the 10 years HDD it's saying good bye... Greetings, let me know any news! es.zip
  9. The poedit it's really easy to use, so i make the translation using it, let me now if i screw up something. I will continue exploring poedit to see what he could do. Sleep well and dream with Chun Li and Mai Shiranui making you a proposal that you can not refuse...
  10. Finish the spanish translation, tested with the new release, and work like a charm! I did notice that still are some things unstranslated, but as the daddy of superman one time says "in time, they will join you in the sun"... I attach both files, the .mo and .po files just in case.
  11. Ok, tonight i'm gonna start testing and translating, i will try poedit to see how it goes, but if i find it hard to handle, i will switch to notepad++ wich i know a little bit more. I was thinking to parcially translate the dispswitch and the cheats section, like Nº of coin chutes/slots Nº of players, and cheats like infinite time, invincibility or infinite lives, but if is too much to translate, like the history.dat file, i will need help from half of Argentina, i'm not saying NO, but, one can dream.
  12. Yes, if it's good for you, awesome, send me the thingy and i will translate the text, later also if you want, and it's not too much trouble, send me a compiled version of Raine with gettext and the converted translation and i will test it under windows too. But i will keep trying to compile my own Raine, to get satisfaction
  13. Thank's again Tux! Downloaded all already . I will be posting the development news or any errors i get, so i will be bothering you, sorry in advance. Greetings again!
  14. The links for the precompiled packages says 404 not found Why destiny, why!?
  15. Holy orochi and mario bros! Thank you again! I try to compile it today. Greetings!
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