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  1. I'll explain all this to you on MSN. Explainations on forums aren't interactive enough since i'm the author of the driver, if i tell you the loading code sequences are both wrong, you can bet i'm right the facts are that the game uses alternate moves, not having them is equal to bad emulation. they were missing in my first submition because i removed a bankswitch function than needed to be here, so if you included my corrections, there is no need for Ferchogtx modification.
  2. I know, I was a bit lazy on this fix, but there isn t sound skipping, nsegment end never went over 1000 so I think 44100*2 isn t useful, and I setted to 2000*2 in case of . If ppl complain about a bug, I ll change the code . <{POST_SNAPBACK}> As i told you on msn, there is several ways to fix that (obviously ) the fastest correct way to do it is by simply add the keyword "static" to the table (btw, that's not the one i used) OMG! i've tell how to fix it EDIT: I just saw the kof10th driver. 2 points: 1) There is no alternate version of the ROM 2) Both loading codes are wrong I released the correct driver, i wonder why did you alter it?
  3. btw, gogo's fix isn't correct it will generate sound skip under certain conditions but the main idea is here (no need to change the table size and no need to have the test that can skip sound)
  4. there are 2 another ways : 1) find it by yourself (I wouldnt say like manto it is a hard fix) 2) I am not for closed source, so you know what to do As for neospriterom, I don t know the code you need on it, but you can maybe add it in descramble graphics. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I didn't say it was hard to fix, but hard to find IF you don't have the proper knowledge. (And even without it, you can find what to do by trying, it will only take more time)
  5. i have no problem with your work, and i'm also waiting for your sources release since i didn't have time to update my own versions with last mame update, busy with RL stuffs and other emu related projects (not on xbox for the time being) for the updates, i suggest you submit them directly to gogo i'm sure he'll be glad to add them (and credit you for it of course) like he said on fbaxxx forums (in french so you might have missed it) Since i'm not in the devteam anymore, i don't know if the CVS is still running but it was not a public CVS (Artik didn't setup a public one)
  6. Anyway, that don't really matter . I didn't give him the sources directly, but i updated the CVS... But i'm not responsible for the outdated drivers Prican25, thanks for the welcome and merry christmas to all members and visitors.
  7. I gave gogo the sources when i stopped (I made an update on the CVS server) but gogo didn't want to bother about updating roms so, since i was the one including the updated sets, when i left, there was no more up to date version of fbaxxx. I'm always surprised how people can talk about things they have no clue about....
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