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  1. So it would seem that most solutions are for pc correct?My pc is on the fritz,so I am using my mac.I am running vba-m and haven't tried many games,but the one I really want to play(and save in game) is advance wars.I have set memory to 128k,tried all the youtube tricks but still not saving properly.I opened the library and found that it was saving in the vba-m battery saves,but whenever I go start up the game,it takes me to the naming part.Anyone who doesn't use a mac should know that there are very few options that you can change,there is no automatic save option or anything like that.The only tin of relevance you can change is if you want to use Bios on start up and memory from 64k to 128k.Also I don't believe the ini. thing will work on mac.So does anyone have any info on how to play this game?Or is there no way to play correctly on mac?(Also I did notice that Fire Emblem saves and loads fine so..)
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