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  1. Quick n dirty version .... Rename the icon default.tbn (or whatever the xbe is named and then .tbn) and stuff it in the same directory as the .xbe for the game/emu. Then go to your (i am assuming xbmc4xbox dash here) 'Dashboard' folder on (assuming) Drive E: and enter the sub folder 'UserData'. You will then see a folder named 'Thumbnails'. In that folder you will find a 'Programs' folder with sub folders from 0 to 9 and a to d.. delete its contents and reboot the machine. This will force xbmc4xbox to recreate its thumbnail cache and include your new icons To recap . Change icon to file name 'default.tbn' and put it in the game/emu folder then delete the contents of E:\Dashboard\UserData\Thumbnails\Programs\ and reboot the Xbox........ THIS IS ONLY IF YOU HAVE XBMC4XBOX AS YOUR DASH. It is DIFFERENT for EvoX and UnleashX .. Cheers !
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