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  1. ok, changed, you guys can stop whining now i was just asking where i can get the best deal on trading in used n64 games. You didn't HAVE to read my sig. In fact, BoomBa_GoosE didn't even notice it. It's not like I spammed the boards with 30 topics in all caps about a "FREE IPOD" I guess it will be gamestop that gets the games then. Though I don't know how much cash to expect.
  2. does gamestop still take n64 games and hardware? From what I hear they've stopped taking in snes/genesis stuff. Can anyone tell me if/when they're gonna stop taking N64s?
  3. I put alot of play into my nintendo 64 and now I am pretty much done with it. I have about 20-25 games and 2 memmory packs, 5 controllers (one with a broken joysick), an expansion pack, and a non-fucntional gameshark 2.0. where could I get the best bang for my buck those who have experiance with trading in games. Thanks a ton.
  4. Imperfection by Real Life (you know that 80's band, they have a new cd out, its really good)
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