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  1. CPS2 - Progear no Arashi dumped and XOR'd.


    Hope to see it in the new FBAx :clapping:


    I do have it added in my newest build...working on getting it to run in fba-xxx. Other people have issues with getting it to run in pc fba.


    I've tried it in winkawaks 1.52 and its a pretty slick game...different than a lot of the other CPS2 games.




    Nice work!! Hope you can get it running. How would it run in Kawa-x? I prefer it to FBAXXX on occasion..It's a great game all the way around.

  2. Alright, I was told that since my xbox has the 128mb ram upgrade, it causes the slow sluggishness that occurs when trying to run some roms in the latest releases of FBA-XXX. To remedy this, I was also told to disable the 128mb ini. I have NO clue how to do this. Can anyone let me in on how exactly to do this? Thanks in advance.

  3. Guwange is definitely one of the best and most unique shooters out there. I have had the pcb for a little over a year, I can manage making the last level on one credit, but it gets really crazy...and the final boss is just creepy. If you liked Guwange, play ESPRaDe, easily one of Cave's best, and definitely their best on MAME. If you have a PS2 pick up Dodonpahi Dai Ou Jou, it redefines the word hard, also check out ESPGaluda..it's the prequel to ESPRaDe, and is a great game too. Galuda can't really keep it's own with the other Cave heavyweights like ESPRaDe, Progear, Ketsui..and even Guwange, but it's still an excellent game. Cave also has a new game coming out in November called "Mushihime-Sama" and it looks incredible too, and is currently the only Cave pcb I don't have. :) I wish the release date would hurry itself up...

  4. Ok, I know very little about emulatiion on xbox, I can compile emus and everything, but I wanted to know if there is anyway to make, say, Kawa-X, boot a game automatically when started. What I mean is, let's say I have a disc with Kawa-X and Samurai Shodown III..is there any way that you can make it launch SS3 without it going to the Kawa-X menu? Mainly, I want it to look like disc is the game itself. Thanks!

  5. I got most of my pcbs from a dealer in Hong Kong...but I bought my two cabs here in the states, actually, within a half-hour of my house. As much as I love emulation, nothing beats playing the actual board, except maybe neo geo and cpsII which both emulate amazingly. If you can afford it, buy pcbs..I have a small collection, of around 30 boards, that grows monthly. As for progear, it's one of THE best shooting games I have ever played. The animation is truly amazing, and the gameplay is top-notch. I do hope this gets emulated soon as I no longer have a cps2 mobo :(

  6. Here is the email I received when I emailed razoola and made a cash donation and offered him my progear board.


    "Thanks for the donation and Im glad you find our site intresting. Yes I have had the progear board in the past and have the decryption data from it. However I do not have the graphics or sound ROM dumps from the game because I am not able to dump that info with my current programmer. Once this info has been dumped I will then release the XOR info for the game.


    If you were really wanted to donate a game we are looking for a puzloop2 board to dump.


    Regards and thanks again Raz"


    Basically, once the Guru dumps the roms the game will be good to go. When that will happen is subject to question. :(

  7. Hi..I have been browing these forums for a while and I have found tons of info here, and seeing as how you all seem to be in the know, I have a question about fba-xxx. I have been using this emu for quite a while and last night I downloaded samsho5sp and did some renaming and got it to show up on the latest build of fba-xxx and it ran fine..last night, with the exception of the sound of course. So, tonight I booted up fba-xxx and Samurai Shodown 5 special runs extremely slow, almost 1/3 speed I would say. I am just looking for some help in getting it back running at normal speed. Thanks everyone.

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