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  1. THe only way, pretty bold statement.

    Then again you have more experience than I.

    Well that's the case I'll look into prices and the work of a private server, in the meantime, I think the blog will be decent warmup for getting used to posting and whatnot.

  2. Hey everyone, just started my own blog here, I call it the Greek Nerdium.


    Not very impressive but I still getting the hang of this interface. Trying to get my cool background to fit.


    Btw, I was wondering, is Blogger(from Google) a decent place to start a blog? Or is it like pretty much a ghost town regarding people just wandering on to your blog?

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  3. Everything you guys have posted makes this game seem a bit...

    well shitty!


    I had to go back up and double check, ,lol because all the reviewers are like all in this game's a$$! I mean taint and all!

    I heard a reviewer say "it does nothing new but it has perfected whats already been done" Im like DA2(a game i kinda hated) had better combat than this game.

    Even a throwback like "Hunter the reckoning" had a better feel when playing with friends IMO.

    And Drake has touched on the "lore" aspect of the game. So maaybe its not my sip of tea, but considering ive played nearly every rpg excluding ANY mmo, i thought it would arouse me a bit more.

    But Im just a normal dbag, the professionals reviewers may be able seeing something that im missing.

  4. I spent majority of my first 15 minutes killing and leveling up with just the one finger... -_-

    Im a gamerpad type of person so this whole setup made the game feel amazingly boring.

    I tried to map it to my pcpad but thanks to the whole point-n-click (like DAO but not the auto fight that DAO was so clever to include) I couldnt get the pad to feel authentic. maybe im just a console whore, but im trying...its also....I need to start to caring about my character real quick. Say what you will about Bioware, but in every game they made that i played- the first 10 minutes i have already transported myself into that character which somehow made battles and conversations more interesting.


    Like i said... Still trying

  5. Start downloading lesser popular shows.


    Alternatively, stop using torrents, find HTTP downloads, and then rename the file you're downloading to something random. For example, if you download a file from Rapidshare called "ExampleShow720ps03e04.avi", rename it to sidfrhasuofbnuodnf.avi.

    YA know you make a point because ive been dl'ing anime for years and never had a problem. perhaps the popularity is the key.

    I guess ive been spoiled by the top speeds of tor. I start looking for http type resources.

  6. So Im a fan of Game of Thrones and i missed the last episode.

    So instead of checking my onDemand like good smart person, I went ahead and downloaded the torrent of that episode.

    NOw days later i get later informing me about infringement laws regarding a "games of Throne' episode that was downloaded.


    Which must mean my Comcast is watching my downloads but how does this work? IS there a red flag that comes up if itype in Games of thrones and torrent together? Was the video file itself bugged? or how did they even find out?

    Someone lend me some insight

  7. It appears only the old school see what these sites in FB/twitter are doing to the smaller sites.

    A generation of controlled web users?


    No more like a generation of stupid, spoiled little emo brats that couldn't possibly think for themselves.


    Those deemed "Generation Z" who have no appreciation for doing ANYTHING for themselves, you thought Gen Y kids were bad with their online antics and brain damaged-ness? Gen Z kids take it to a whole new level! Problem is, most of us Gen X'ers are the problem, as they're OUR kids!

    Sooooo basically it sucks to be parent in this era? lol

  8. With Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, coming out very soon and with the Ghost Recon Online beta testing going on, you'd think Ubisoft is ready to just let the money come in. But no! They have brought you some more Ghostly goodness, that's right now we're getting a little Ghost Recon movie! However one journalist would pose the question: Did this 25min mini-movie cost more than the game itself? Crazy notion but when looking at the crew one would wonder.

    • Directors: Hervé de Crécy and François Alaux (Academy Award winners)
    • Writer: Tim Sexton (Academy Nominee)
    • Editor: Pietro Scalia (Two-time Academy Winner)
    • Sound: Per Hallberg (Two-time Academy Winner)

    But those are just the big names, we also have a range of different actors portraying the ghost team.

    • Mark Ivanir - Ghost Leader
    • Chucky Venn - Chuck
    • Keith Gilmore - 30K
    • Chook Sibtain - Pepper


    This movie is set to be some type of prequel to the Future Soldier game that will be coming out.

    Each of the ghost team is a playable character in the campaign mode of the game. Also, Ubisoft wanted to drop a few more eggs in the movie, two examples are that the setting of the movie will be one of the multi-player maps online. The other one may peak your interest or not, because if you pay attention, hidden in the film will be a code that unlocks an in-game weapon. The movie seems rather solid and doesn't have too bad of the "cheesy game adaption movie" smell to it. I'm looking forward to seeing it and this small movie could be entertaining on its own whether you're a ghost fan or not.


    You can watch the trailer


    And you can watch the "Making of" here,



    May 12th on Uplay - May 14th on Xbox Live, PSN and Youtube

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  9. Lol, I tried, couldnt get into it!

    Maybe its the constant reading in the beginning or the fact that they're 2d freeze frames but yeah, im spoiled by 3d conversation and constant dialog trees, lol!


    Update: The search for Shuffle did however lead to a infobox about "eroge" in general and wow....Wow Japan.....Wow....

  10. As much of a stupid reason it is, I play because of the girls. Storyline second. Since the stories can be very heavy emotionally, It's difficult for me to play some of the more drama-heavy routes. Still, the storylines do have a big draw, especially with Shuffle! and AIR. All of he big sims have have full voice acting, and many of the actors are well known in the japanese anime/video game industry.

    Oh there is voice acting! Im thinking they all are just "read and hear random sounds" but then again its japanese sooo... same thing? Okay Im doing the Shuffle one.

  11. Wow, nice info!

    I think i'll try just because.. I'll try one of those "heavy hitters" you mentioned.

    I guess in a world where 3d is common, i couldn't possibly see anything where you talk to a 2d model that doesnt have a voice actor and be invested in it. But we'll see...


    OH btw, what satisfaction do you get when you play these games?

  12. If you dabble in the gaming community through forums, websites or TV shows- chances are you’ve heard of G4TV. If so, then you without a doubt know Adam Sessler


    On April 25th, Adam Sessler - Co-host to the popular G4 show, X-Play announced his departure from the station after 14 years. Sessler was often received as an icon to the show and the network itself. If you followed him since his first appearance on “Extended-Play” in 1998, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say he fundamentally help build G4 to what it is today. As always, all things must come to an end but the reason why has been skillfully avoided by both Adam and G4. There is word buzzing around is that Sessler left due to a contract dispute, however this has not been confirmed.

    Sessler’s Representative gave a statement:

    Television personality Adam Sessler and TV network G4 are parting ways, with Adam's last episode as host of G4's "X-Play" airing on the network today, Wednesday, April 25. Adam has been hosting the show since it first aired as ZDTV's "Gamespot TV" in July 1998 and he also served as Editor In Chief of games content at G4. His current projects include starring as himself in the Summer 2012 movie "noobz" and consulting with a film production company on theatrical feature adaptations of video games. Adam intends to stay in front of the camera and continue as a key voice within the games industry. He also sings and is available for weddings and bar mitzvahs.

    Sessler is known for his unique humor and brutally honest appeal to all aspects of the gaming world. He, along with several others survived the network’s many transitions, from ZDTV, TechTV to the current G4TV. Since then he was not only a host of X-Play, but also chief-in-editor, and he hosted a few web shows such as Feedback and probably most known, Sessler’s Soapbox. Sessler made no effort to hide his passion for gaming and perhaps his most notorious display of passion was a podcast in which he addressed criticisms of a review. One thing I attest to Sessler is what he says may either make you love him or hate him, but he is man deserving of respect.

    Sessler later posted on Twitter,
    "Thank you to everyone with your exceedingly kind wishes and thoughts, I think I'll finally take a nap."

    Where he goes from here is not quite clear, but one thing is for sure: He is not out of gaming scene just yet!

    References: Kotaku, EscapistMagazine

  13. So in my Sienfield voice i gotta ask, what's the deal with those dating sim games.


    I've always seen it when i go web shopping through anime but never cared for it. Then i saw one on xbla and wondered... hmmmm....*inhales* so are these like just pervy games or is there some type underlying attachment created by vivid story telling and invoking emotions that leave the player so invested that he/she is submerged in this world, more-so than any 3d game could ever hope to replicate?!?!?


    I played one on xbla but that was an indie and it clearly was super low budget, but its just one of things where im like, "What?...IS it really good?"

    I mean i just dont see why someone would play a 2dsim instead of a classic dragon age, Katherine or even witcher where romance is handled quite well imo.


    Anyone here down with the D-Sims?

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