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  1. try the church or the inn (at a guess)
  2. in general you can get them again, but you have to go back to where you met them, i think
  3. I heard that you've had somekind of beef with squaresoft in the past as well. everyone does, that guy is an ass IMO, I don't see why that guy doesn't just consult the Webmaster before cold bloodedly deleting threads w/out reasons like he always does I take it that he's an administrator...Is it just me or does he excercise the rules a bit too heavily? Romshare already has strict rules to begin with, does it not? yeah it does but if you ask me, he's going down the same path that an admin that was previously banned from there due to taking things too seriously as well (he went by the name Goku). Actually, he was admined, then brough down to mod, then was finally banned. soo..yeah, that admin spot is cursed if you asked me it's dumb how in the chinese forums ppl are allowed to discuss whatever the hell they want hmm didn't know you were staff here weirdanzeige as no one else (edit: apart from IQ and ender:p teach me not to read page 2-4 ) seems to be doing i'm going to stand in square's defence and say he is nothing like goku. i have seen some of the stuff from 'behind the scenes' that led up to goku's banning (in good confidence, so i won't be bad mouthing him here). trust me, square is nothing like that. a tad harsh maybe, but he is just doing his 'job' (unpaid:p). rules are rules, i'm afraid. i'm good friends with him and he warned me about my sig a while back (it was 1 or 2 pixels too big, lol) to make sure he was treating everyone equally. still, i'm not here to flame you weird, i have no problem with you, just stating the other side of the argument *on topic nice update to the emu, but in the new vers i can't get my cd s to work :s oh well
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