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  1. Yep, that is exactly what I was saying. The problem happened with me, basically game would load to the title screen, try to go in game and the game would crash 100% of the time. I traced it to the Glide wrapper I had installed in the system folder a while back. This is the only game I've found that exhibited this behaviour. And yes odd is the word The only explanation I can think of is the Catalyst drivers at the time for my card had a small bug. Now I can't replicate the issue at all - the game defaults to GL as it should. Edit: Just found the error log from that time, dated April 15th 2005: Beginning Glide3 log panic: texel download out of bounds > listed a lot of times
  2. The graphics card drivers update should sort it. If you've already done that and are still having troubles - have you ever installed a Glide wrapper of some sort into your Windows (or Windows/System32 folder?) If so that can also cause this in RTCW - had it myself actually, the game thinks you are using a 3DFX card and automatically selects Glide, which then fails thru the wrapper. Think the former will fix it though more than the ramblings of the latter
  3. Just been reading about this idiot. Can't believe he's started this up yet again, he must have some sort of psychosis. Anyways, if he ever turns up on Emuparadise again, then of course one of the mods or admins will stop him ASAP. Likewise if he ever tries that on Emutalk, I'll kick him square in the nuts I take it he posts through proxies and stuff? Otherwise a nice mass email from all sites concerned to his ISP would be kinda neat.
  4. My main problem is that 40% claim. I propose that is simply not true - backup of that claim would win my partial support.
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