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  1. I'll be using a Wii aswell which, sadly, lacks digital audio out. As does the Saturn and N64 so another solution is required anyway. USD111 equivalent for the iScan HD+. The SLG 3000 with case is USD equivalent 78 so USD189 total. Shipping is a bitch to Singapore (USD 60 for the iScan HD+). Limited inpus. One component. One s-video. I know I can hook up switches, but for that price why should I need to. Dreamcast via VGA without transcoder is also preferable. Scanlines on the FM Never looked right to me. Much prefer the SLG3000. I would use a transcoder but I need to hook up two component devices and can't be assed adding switch boxes / getting up to change the cables. S-Video with scanlines is fine in my eyes. I never saw much difference when using N64 and Saturn.
  2. Thanks mate, appreciate your work and comments. Fairly sure I've seen you on Emuxtras. When you say "You don't even need to plug the audion into the iScan HD+ if you don't want to" isn't it actually impossible as the unit doesn't have analogue audio in? The combo will cost me about 300US as the shipping is high. I don't need the mini as I'm happy with the emulation on Xbox and Wii. Also, the mini has limited inputs and the scanlines is hit and miss. The iScan is merely a way for me to get VGA out. As a bonus, it will take my N64 and Saturn over svideo.
  3. Apologies for the necro-bump, but how did you get audio from the iScan HD+ if it was plugged into the SLG3000 via VGA? Also, did you find that this scaler introduced much lag?
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