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  1. It's not something I'd be able to code from scratch. Does NestopiaX have support for this? If so then it could possibly be ported to FBL. NestopiaX does not have support for this, but I know that the old Xport emulators had samba or relax code in their (now) open source. Madmab, who based his versions of emulators on Xport's emulators, then improved upon the samba/relax code in new releases. Maybe he'd be willing to depart with the new samba/relax part of his emulators to support another friendly emulator programmer? If not, maybe the Xport samba/relax code could still work... http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=617799 -YRUSirius
  2. Hello everyone! I'd like to make a friendly humble request: Ever thought about adding samba or relax support for FB Legends for the xbox for the roms, videos and titles? -YRUSirius
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