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  1. At first I couldn't find a no cd crack for sh3, and the only one I could find for sh2 was in russian, but I found a website with both of them in english just now. I can't thank you guys enough for walking me through my many problems.
  2. Thanks for the tip. It took me a while to figure out how to use it but I finallly installed the game. I've run into another problem now tho (told ya I'm cursed). When I try to run the game I get a box that says wrong disc inserted weather I start it from daemon or from my drive. Do I need to burn something to CD now? I figured it would treat daemon as the disc.
  3. Just wanted to update. I downloaded it again and unpacked. Was in the process of trying to figure out what I needed to burn to a CD to make it work when I realised it probly needed to be burned to a DVD to be installed, hence the dvd-rip in the name. I'm cursed.
  4. Well, I got it all onto CDs and reformatted. Copying them and find out 2 puny files have errors and wont copy. Gah, so frustrating. Back to downloading it all over again.
  5. I reformat fairly often so it's not a problem. I just pop in the system discs and I'm back to a fresh from the store start. I only use this box for gaming so I'm not losing anything important when I do, it's just time consuming. I'm not sure what you mean by update windows. I run windows update weekly, but I have a feeling that's not what you're talking about. When I tried to fix the install errors I was getting I redownloaded windows installer and when I tried to install it I got the wrong os/version error. When I tried to fix the runtime error I followed the directions from the websites like this one I saw that for some reason I wasn't seeing what I should. I don't have a security tab for the installer properties window, and I don't have HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\InstallShield in my registry. Another thing, on this page it says that win xp already has the windows installer engine 2.0 and that I shouldn't have to install it. I'm guessing that's why I got the wrong os/version error when trying to install it but that doesn't explain why I got that error when trying to install games. As far as the last 2 archives, I think you're talking about the silent hill 3 download that was my first problem? Well, you guys gave great advice and I found and downloaded the rest of it, I extracted it and was all ready to install when I realized the install problem effected it as well. Unfortunately I deleted all the.r** files to make room for the extraction so I can't burn them to cd. At the moment I'm trying to burn the files I'd already extracted in hopes that I wont have to redownload that file. It took me several days to complete.
  6. Well, after all that I'm having a problem installing programs, probly caused by one of the games I installed to pass the time in the days it took to download this. I either get runtime error 1067, or that windows installer couldn't be accessed because it's not installed correctly, or that I'm trying to install onto the wrong OS or OS version. I found many fixes for these problems that probly would have worked if I didn't have them all at once. I'm going to have to reformat and start the download over. =\ Hopefully I'll be able to post my success here in less then a week.
  7. 150 million bytes is ~143 MB. What I thought was suspicious tho is they're all the same size down to the byte. edit: I just found the rest of them on Supernova. It says "Silent Hill 3 DVD [Missing r00-r02]" 2600mb. I dont remember seeing it there yesterday. Thanks again for the help guys.
  8. 50 million bytes each, exactly. Suspicious.
  9. I didn't think it would be that simple. =p I assumed the files from that site came complete. Does anyone know where I can pick up the rest of it?
  10. Ok, your advice worked but I've run into another problem. When I extract from the rightclick menu, it tells me I need a.r03 file to continue. When I try to extract by double clicking it freezes my puter for a minute then tells me the file is corrupt. I read that torrent files couldn't be sent corrupt, that it was designed to check as you d/l. This is so frustrating, I really appreciate your help. I hope I haven't hit a dead end with this.
  11. Thanks for the help. I use winace and for some reason thats not working, I'll try winrar later today. As far as renaming, I always do my tinkering on a copy, learned the hard way long ago.
  12. edit: Somehow posted in the wrong thread. Sorry.
  13. I hope this is the right place to ask. I just downloaded 10.29.03.SILENT.HILL.3.DVD-DEViANCE from supernova. There are 3 files labeled dev-sih3.r00, dev-sih3.r01, and dev-sih3.r02. I've tried a few things like renaming them.rar and trying to uncompress them but I'm new to this and don't have a big bag of tricks. This is supposed to be a PC game, if that matters.
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