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  1. thx for that i downlaoded it in 2h pretty fast for an xbox torrent but i have one problem with the budwin edition (no comic) when i go to a actor id like a army ranger and i pres R i can play like him but how do i undo that? so i will be cj again sorry for the thumb questions but i didn't saw it in the txt files never mind L-BACK fixed it
  2. is the underground foundable with mirc please pm me how to find it email is: marlonmelieste@live.nl
  3. budwin has done another version (well most of it) Its a Marvel edition... thx i will download it (if i find it)
  4. i downloaded it but it doesn't work if i open it it will go back to evox screen do i need a patch for this ??? edit: nevermind i deleted save files and gta3.img files on x y z now it works
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