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  1. in the older versions mslug5 showed up, but now it only goes to 4. Than with the normal xbe from the 604 2020baseball works, but with the newsets it says some roms are to small and wont run. IS there a reason for this?
  2. Hi, where is the option to delete my account?
  3. jusr a question beside, shoulnd be the main word in the post
  4. Are there any Amiga torrents out there? Would be the best way for all to get the classics, found some games on HOL that arent in the tosec set, and the caps boxart etc pack isnt anywhere i looked. What i would love is Screenshot support for Winuae/UAE-X so we have a preview and can better remember, i dont have all names of the loved games in my head (never forger Wings of Fuy).
  5. Atari St was for music, some games where ported from amiga, but amiga was the best gaming machine, who had money for a nintendo/sega? There where turbo cards for the last amiga machines, they could already beat the falcon . Sad that there is nothing for Amiga games like GB64 for the C64, we have hol and bttr, thats fine, but an offline list with all Info and screenshots would rock.
  6. than youre lucky i tried to change my mslug roms so that they have the right named and sized roms in it, but they wont run.
  7. thx, i checked these, but when i wanna start mslug5 in fbaxx( a version i found here) it tells me that it needs mslug5_p1. I also have some version with numbered files and some with named files, like 268/ms5. Im near to delete all this crap and try to find some predecrypted version, but it isnt that easy. Im doing 2 days nothing else than trying different versions and repack the zips, only got ms3 working, im going crazy with this damn stuff, when i run romcenter over my few roms, it removes nearly all of them.
  8. is it that hard to give some tips?
  9. nope, they don.t. only mslug 3, and why is it so complicated to help others by making some dats or recent howtos, there no sense that anybody has to make the same steps can i rename my 263-m1.bin do 263-m1d.bin, but the m1 is 128k not 64.
  10. kicked the old post: can someone please show me how the mslug4 and 5 zipfiles has to look like? i have one 6xMB bersion with this file: ms4_p1.rom 4D7E6624 ms4_p2.rom FDB7AED8 ms4_m1.rom ???????? ms4_c1.rom 6C2B0856 ms4_c2.rom C6035792 ms4_c3.rom 0721D112 ms4_c4.rom 6AA688DD ms4_c5.rom 794BC2D6 ms4_c6.rom F85EAE54 ms4_v1.rom C1B2AF81 ms4_v2.rom CBBDC6FA ms4_v3.rom C4F1A3CC ms4_v4.rom 40126A0A one with only 263 files, and one 30Mb version with nearly the same files than the first i listed. and i have one edited kof99p file with 251- files in it. what do i have to do to get them into a prpoer mslug4nd.zip? i only wanna run mslug 4 and 5, anything else isnt my bussines Mslug4 runs under winkawaks, it shows me 3 version, b BTW: why does fbaxxx dopnt load my neogeo games, on every rom the screen is black, no error message nothin, i can go to the menu and change the dips...
  11. Hi, is there a datfile for romcenter or clrmame to verify if all my roms are correct for using them in kawa-hex and other derivates of kawa? ok after reading some posts in this forum it isnt really neccesary to use the kawa hacks anymore, the newest fbaxxx special version seems to run most of them, my main problem is that i have some edited roms like mslug5 as kof97, now fbaxx supports the original roms(?) how can i put them back to their original name and size(including all the bins).? i tried this nefe rom tool, but it is far from useable. And when I use the neogeo datfile for romcenter it tells me that some files are missing or badly named, is this because they are devrypted`? And one at last, what is the best way to manage the roms for the xbox? Merged, split or un-merged? I have the feeling that when i last time merged my roms that some filesare gone forever.
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