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  1. I just messed with the buffer slider a little and it looks like it just makes it worse, actually effects the music. It was naturally on 512 which is the lowest, I doubled it and it made the skipping in the music. So it looks like I might be stuck with that :/
  2. Okami needs more love

  3. Nope, nothing about sound. Only thing on the console window is GpuDXLegacy | spg: (goes from 34-60) gpu: 26-61 That's it. But I did want to say I selected the Multi Threaded box underneath the Sound plugin and now the beep is gone. Now the only problem is any talking on the game repeats itself (so instead of saying "Go ahead" it would say "go go ahead ahead") but this really isn't a problem for me because the small parts in the game with talking aren't that important to me. The game music itself does not repeat itself. I'll be trying Sonic Adventure once I get it, which the doubled sound would be a problem on that game... So if you have any idea what that could be let me know Thanks again!
  4. The beep just goes on forever and the game plays, curiously the game music still plays as well but the beep is louder than the music. Are there better sound plugins to use? Is there anything specific I should edit in the Sound menu?
  5. Thanks a lot for your help. If I find a solution to the beep I will post here so others can benefit from it
  6. Weird, I did that earlier but nothing appeared in the window. I guess I made a mistake somewhere, too many projects going at once Now there is a VMS file in slot one & I got past the memory card select in the game. Now the only problem seems to be that after it gets pasted the Dreamcast start, a loud extended beep sound rings out. This didn't happen till this step. BTW, what folder should the VMS be in?
  7. So when I click create nothing is supposed to happen? Because it didn't do anything in the folder or the actual game. Still telling me to clear blocks. I tried it several times but nothing seems to happen - looks like someone else on some forums posted about the same problem but no one had an answer. I'm saying the VMS file name does not create, so nothing is there to choose for any of the slots. I feel like a total idiot :/ but feel like I'm getting somewhere from your help. Deleted dc.flash and Demul did run and created the file. It still asks the date though. If this is the only thing that effects I'm willing to deal with it as long as I can figure out the other problem, lol.
  8. When I go to VMS Manager>Edit>Create, then I type a name and hit Okay it does nothing. Nothing gets added to the list. Am I doing something wrong? Trust me I just spent 10 minutes looking on Google before asking, lol. Okay, I read that somewhere else. I'll have to find a new dc.flash. I can't seem to find it on it's own so I guess I'm going to have to download another pack just to get it :/
  9. .cdi. I just followed your directions and the game loaded up! The first time it crashed shortly after, but the 2nd time it kept running, till I minimized it. When I opened it back up it gave me the select screen. I went to start a game on it and it says I don't have enough memory block space. Is there a file I am missing? Sorry for the seemingly noobish questions... I usually just use save state but this won't let me play without creating a save file. Also I noticed that everytime I load up the game it asks me to put in the date and time. I don't really care but if it can be fixed I might as well do it. I appreciate the help
  10. I'm using a virtual drive (MagicDisc). I've downloaded 3 copies of the game with this last one specifically saying it is selfbootable, so I don't know what's up :/ I use this virtual drive all the time for PSX/PS2 emulation so I know it isn't messed up. Thanks for your help BTW.
  11. Okay, I just got DEmul 5.5 32bit on here and I got a self boot copy of the game. It still won't boot. When I start it up it brings me to the audio screen, so I go back and select Play and it says insert disc. My plugins for Demul are: Video: GpuDXLegacy GD-rom: gdrDemul Sound: spudemul Pad: paddemul
  12. I've been messing around with this all morning and finally got past the insert cd screen from Utopia 1.1, but now it just shows the Ecco disc with the deer floating around forever and nothing happens. I'm new to DC emulation so I figured I should post before I drive myself absolutely insane Here is a screenshot with the error message: Every rotation the deer does it tries again with the same error message over and over. Any help would be appreciated, thanks
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