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  1. Only just started playing this, so just a couple of suggestions that might be worth adding: Arcade: Konami GT (Classic racer. Popular machine until Outrun hit the arcades.) Big Run (Decent racing game by Jaleco. Emulation isn't 100% as you can see the side sprites through the scenery when on hills. But still playable.) Another rom that might be worth adding is 'Mexico 86'. The reason I mention this is because its parent rom 'Kick and Run' throws up a "ps4 stop error" which can embed itself on the pitch. Mexico 86 doesn't do this and is the same game. Background video in the rom list also runs for it automatically after the rom is added. Thank you to the Author for putting this emu together. My TV is crap at displaying 480p but decent at 720p, and I can now finally play these arcade games at 720p which I couldn't do Mameox. Cheers. Edit: Just had a read on the main Epic thread and noticed who the author is. I knew I remembered that name from somewhere. The old XBMC board. I recall poaching some of your code from one of your skins years ago to get the IP to display on the file manager screen. http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?t=15879 Thanks for the emu man. Top job.
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