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  1. good good...can you mark it some way if it needs optomising....or just adding...and also using the CoinOPS name eg PSX_xxxxx as then ill know if I need to add it to the excepted games


    also the title doesnt say for CoinOPS :)



    Metal Gear Solid - fully optimised without sound glitches and save states?

  2. I think also because people cant or arent prepared to include games additional games themselves because they want screenshots/videos made by someone else. It makes Coinops look more professional if every game has a video rather than most with videos and some with a black screen. It ruins the effect otherwise.

  3. fixing ulitmate mk 3 and updating the emulation fix for golden axe the revenge of death adder work be perfect!


    Woaw ... fantastic if you have fix them ... i love these games :D


    Yesterday i test CoinOPS EPIC and really ... it is excelent :D


    - MK1 is working 100% fine !

    - Mk2 is working 98% because some time sound is lag a little ... but it is perfect for playing :D

    So bad the Mk3 and ultimate have no sound ... it is why i'm happy when i read your comment :)


    The others KI1, KI2, NBA Jam ... are really working perfectly !!! fantastic !


    I quick test DOMM and it works fine too ... like the N64 and PSX ...

    That is really excelent because all is already configurer and a children can launch and play them easyli :D


    I have just some problem with some games if i enable the ENCHANCED EFFECT ... it is so bad we can't write in the ini file of the games to hard remove this option like sound for them ... because in HD mode, these games will never work with effect ...


    The only game i can't play is TEKKEN 3 !

    It never start after TAITO LOGO :(

    I try in HD, LD, With and without filters ... always black screen and xbox crash !

    Have you a solution ?





    Not sure how you change weapons in Doom on Coinops. Anyone got any ideas?


    Also Britney has said previously you need to keep pressing start to bypass stuff when loading up Tekken 3. I tried it and it works ok for me.


    Britney, I would love more console support for top games, savestates are a must because I can save my progress.


    any chance for Amiga WINUAEX integration as well?


    also is all CPS3 games supported as otherwise I'd like the videos for these too.



  4. lol I just cut the goonie 2 in half as they look the same to me....ive never played it....

    also as no ones spotted yet a few of the games are Megadrive games and in SNES as the games looked the same...so I swapped a couple....if really required ill fix it but no one I know cares its nearly impossible to tell this stuff


    I'd like the proper videos to be honest. I like the idea that the video for a game I've never played before is accurate. Especially for the consoles.

  5. ...... or even better a you tube video?????


    I don't know if i will be the 1st but i'll make 1 tonite, c'ant do it yesterday and this afternoon cause of work :-/


    But hey !! it works great for me , i have put my games in the list + screenshot (damn i don't know how to make videos) and the list is up to approx 2300 games :D


    Nice work again BP thx :)


    Im gonna try and do a youtube video tonight via my Nexus 1 if I have time. Want to do as good quality as possible.


    Anything you want included in particular Britney?

  6. Disappointed to see that a lot of the PSX and N64 videos didnt make it in there. I was hoping it was just the roms/isos missing which we could add in later.


    BP, do you still have these avaliable please? Would love a complete set of Epic as it was originally intended

  7. WTF, according to binsearch the copy currently being uploaded to usenet requires a password. Is this true? Why is this necessary? It's not like I won't be able to get the password but now people will download it who may not know where to get it from and just get pissed and say fuck it.


    What is the password out of interest and is this on Usenet yet?

  8. There are now 3 seeds on the torrent, one with a particularly fast connection. Things should be moving much faster on that front as a result. As people complete - please seed!


    Also, if people manage to pull down the RARs from usenet, please seed the torrent as well since it can reach a larger group.




    Currently on less than 42% and moving slowly. I was hoping to have dl'ed this by now but not to be, once I get this I'll seed for sure. My ratio is already something like 1.4 anyway!

  9. hi i had to comment on THE BEST EMULATOR THE XBOX HAS EVER SEEN,.,. well i just wanted to know when the 13gigs of psx will be released as i hate other xbox psx emulators and my friends and i want to know if there is a good tutorial on adding and setting up .iso's,roms, with videos


    Yes, we need a list of the left out psx games so we can add these manually later. I understand the videos and screenshots are still in so they will fit in seamlessly yes?

  10. OK guys go for it........


    waal and cba and the others keep it clean...keep it out of the CoinOPS thread and go for gold.....


    I think you will win for sure....you have logic and a team of experts to help you against a sole person with no skills.....


    Best of luck


    to support them go to RessurectionXtras.net join the fight


    Is this really necessary? Honestly BP, it makes you come off more than a little egotistical when you crate threads like these. Just give it a rest and concentrate on the emu/dashboad goodness.

  11. That's actually a GREAT idea, Waal. I bet you all would get along fine once you bitched at each other in person for a bit, then got shitfaced together.


    OK guys, the torrent for CoinOPS EPIC is now up. It should be available in a few hours if you search for 'CoinOPS EPIC' at either BTJunkie or KickAssTorrents.




    DL'ing now, stuck on 50kb/s though. Its gonna take me nearly 5 days to get this!

  12. Please guys I'm building a romset for coinops inferno r3, but I don't have a clue where to find the romcenter o crlmame dats for this emu (btw thanks BP for your hard work) any help will be much apreciated thanks.


    If you could find the roms/videos for Coinops Showcase, there are some sites that will let you download it. Roughly 15gigs?

  13. I guess Britney is moving on to do an XBMC remake with built in emus/new skin/a bunch of other stuff, The new version of CoinOPS is still waiting to be uploaded somewhere, and he is leaving the site now?


    That thread is a fucking mess. I can't even read through it with all the bitching and moaning going on inside of it.


    Since no one else wants to do it apparently I'll upload it to newsgroups. It's going to take a long ass time though. It might be easier to use openbittorrent or something, we can all jump on it so it goes faster and someone with a faster upload can put it on newsgroups. Or I guess the torrent could go where it usually goes too.


    Another question I have, A lot of people seem to dislike coinops for some reason or another, What do you use instead then?


    I've only joined this site recently but I can already see theres a lot of unnecessary politics and geek in-fighting amongst the emulation scene.


    I'd be happy to help download/upload/FTP stuff if it helps get coinops inferno EPIC out there. I'd leave my pc running for days if need be.

  14. send me the cfg file for it from.....E:Saves/pcsxbox/xxxx if you find it send it and ill add it


    Hmm, I'll have to check it tonight if I have time. Im going to a party tonight straight after work. I wasnt even aware I had an E:\Saves folder. I thought it was al Tdata/Udata stuff.




    Cant find any .cfg file Britney, my /E/SAVES/PCSXBOX/[PSX]Metal.Gear.Solid.1.CD1/ has a load differnt files which are .mcd, .keh, .key, sp0, .st0 and .spg files. Are you after the pcsx.ini? If so then I'll pm you . . .

  15. Found it:




    Metal Gear Solid – (2 Disks - BOTH: IMG/CUE/CCD/SUB) - Works Perfect in BIOS mode. Lazy Screen Updates ON, Use Old Frame Skipping ON, Frame Skip OFF, Frame Limit ON, Wait CPU Action ON, Sound Timer Method Original. FMV and game play great. (v18) -ressurectionx


    Not sure what version of PCSXbox you've implented (assuming it is PCSXbox???) but I've got it working ok on v21 but Im sure my settings are different to the ones above for V18 . . . . .

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