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  1. ahaha , yeah that game was the pinnacle of my hexadecimal machine code programming, I was 14 years old at that time, neglected my schoolwork and just worked on the Super 80. Looking back now I just dont know how I did it. I only dusted off my Super 80 this year after 20 years in storage at my folks place. I got it working again after some bad sockets and ram and dug up my old tapes including crazy maze. No time these last 3 months with a new born baby then a dash overseas (with baby) to visit wifes ailing parents. Will digitize the tapes to wav file when I get time. Its funny talking about the Super 80 and looking at my early soldering and mods as a 43 year old!! Now if I concentrated my early efforts on a more mainstream computer instead of a hobbiest machine I would have made some real money.. oh well.. (just kidding) Ill get back to preserving the old beastie when wife and baba let me!! George!!
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