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  1. I'd rather the EL-Graphics upgrade, just need to see a schematic for that and since I've replaced the sockets with machined pin versions the durability is much greater. I'll create a DIP header to plug into the 2513's socket as I have the hardware to do that it shouldn't be a problem. I haven't had any success with the memory curruption mod. I've made the changes but the problem still exists. I've tripple checked and can't see anything wrong with the changes. I'm also getting a problem with the characters, the rightmost pixel of each char is missing. Sometimes they appear but then dissapper so the 2513 is OK, there's a signal emminating from all the 2513 output pins. It could be a socket issue again. Hi guys and welcome z80, lots of excitement on the S80 front I see! I dont' recall having any problem with the sockets, perhaps I was lucky. I am still very tempted to attempt to have an s80 pcb etched (extrapolating from images of the s80's available), unfortunately finances are a real issue. I may have mentioned that I am to be made redundant in 5 weeks, and attaining a suitable job won't be easy. Perhaps there is a market in copies of vintage computer kits (currently I don't even have any test equipment). z80 you mentioned the temptation to produce an s80 emulation using sram... please keep us posted if you decide to follow that road. I don't know that you are aware of the Yahoo group Peter has started; dick_smith_super-80 (please join, our numbers are few, well 2) Peter, it may be worth posting the highlights of this thread on the group. It was very excited to see the beginnings of the manual there (thanx). Anyhow, glad to see your efforts beginning to fruit.
  2. Hi guys can't wait to hear how it went, did the S80s sing? (is Peter a mass murderer?) I have just begun a 5am shift at Parkes observatory, but we return to Sydney this morning. Gary
  3. Hi Guys, I made a reply but it vanished... oh well as I mentioned afore, I built an S80 in 1983 which I unfortunately ditched in when it became disfunctional for it I built two graphics cards, the second being the 80x24 b&w card I have been trying to decide whether or not to try to reproduce a super 80 (tis about $150 to have a 30x30cm double sided board made) or to design and build my own machine based on pre 1980's technology. I have been looking into the latter and am becoming more and more interested. The 68000 came out in 1979 and sounds like an excellent chip to become familiar with, though being 32/16 bit increases the complexity of the circuit. Anyhow, will keep you posted. I am away on Sun 19th, but hope you guys have an enjoyable and successful time.
  4. Hi Robert I emailed Peter and suggested he join 1em, and reply to your questions personally. I don't think that the Dick Smith Super 80 yahoo group is up and running yet. I live in Sydney (Epping). Tell me, did you say that your 80 column card is colour?
  5. Hi Robert n all I had no delusions about obtaining just a pcb, I enquired at Dick Smith's re the Super 80 and they claimed that they didn't have any record of it (oh well). I had thought that if I can get an accurate image of the top and bottom side of the pcb (the top being obscured by components, of course) using circuit diagrams and a lot of time and patience I should be able to faithfully reproduce the pcb image. Probably very expensive to have one etched though. I had also thought of doing a wire wrap version; it wouldn't quite be a super 80... No; primarily I had hoped to find someone with an old working or otherwise Super 80, for which the pcb hadn't deteriorated, that they would be happy to sell, and then to take the project from there. It would seem that all of the IC's are still available new (and very inexpensive). I will suggest it to him, but it may be easier for one vaguely perusing the net for "Dick Smith Super 80" to stumble across a group dedicated to the beast rather than as a sub group of another site (don't you think the poor old Super-80 deserves its own group, hahaha )
  6. hi all, just putting out feelers for Dick Smith's Super 80 computer kit enthusiasts/ex I assembled one in 1983 (I think, very first computer), and for it later assembled various expansion boards. Unfortunately this machine met its demize later in the 80's I am now seeking to obtain another, working or not, the main premise being that the pcb is in good nick. So if anyone out there has one that they would like to get rid of (at a fair price) please email me at john_dominion@hotmail.com a fellow Super 80 enthusiast (Peter) is starting a yahoo group for the beast - will keep you posted on that one. He has one he is attempting to make functional. love to hear from people, their Super 80 experiences etc etc etc Robert informs me that he has a few still functioning! (mostly) and seems to have had a fair bit of experience with the machine. cheers Gary
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