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  1. Awesome! Thank you VERY Much for these!!!
  2. I 100% appologize, after re-reading my post it feels like someone else must have posted it. I spent like over 6+ hours using google to try and find pictures of this machine because I ran across a few posts that said it's impossible to find. I think I somehow vented my frustration in that post and that was very bad of me. Please accept my appology!!
  3. Anyone have any Super-80 Pictures? A collection of pictures of old computers INCLUDING the Super-80 even be really good!!!
  4. Ahh I see that makes sense. DAMN BOTS!
  5. Hi I am trying to Private Messsage Evil Admin Robert about getting possible pictures for the Super-80...I seem to be validated but are not allowed to post private messages? Is there some kinda test or something I must first pass?
  6. Yes, I see....Not. Ok, so HE did not return. AND If I understand things right you have 3 of these things but somehow in 2010 don't have a digital camera or a way of taking pictures of them? Is this still the case? I would really like a picture of this system.
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