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  1. Well, it IS commercial software, but i put the links because of IKARUGA being posted some pages back... and it IS a commercial game... meh, c-ya peeps, no place for me here.
  2. Get rid of vista, really... If you are going to make a NEO4ALL game to boot on your dreamcast (with the emulator embedded, that is) you will need bootdreams installed. 1) Extract all the NEOGEO CD data from the ISO into an empty folder. This folder should be located at C:\NAMEOFFOLDER 2) Put the NEO4ALL files in the same folder you have extracted all the NGCD game data (1st_read.bin, ip.bin, splash.bmp and the CFG file) 3) Put ALL the audio tracks into the CDDA folder in the root of bootdreams. 4) Open up bootdreams, select CDRECORD method, click on EXTRAS and select ADD CDDA TRACKS. In SELFBOOT FOLDER choose the folder where you have all the data extracted from the NGCD ISO, in CD LABEL put whatever you want and select DATA/DATA as disc format. Click on PROCESS, select the burner you want to use, and when the dialog box with the audio tracks appear, select them in order, and remember NOT to select AUDIO.RAW. When finished you will have your selfboot NGCD disc with all the audio tracks on it. If CDRECORD method refuses to work, use ALCOHOL 120% method, as it's the only method (besides cdrecord, that is) that supports CDDA tracks. Once finished, burn the MDF/MDS image with ALCOHOL 120% and try it on your dreamcast
  3. I've just uploaded an image of DC-X Game Import Adapter (yes, the commercial version) READ THE NFO CAREFULLY BEFORE BURNING -Links removed- password: http://snesorama.us - Upped by cOcO! Enjoy dudes
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