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  1. im new to this site and this forum thing so i really hope im doing this correctly... if not, soemone help! anyways, im playing Pokemon Emerald on my VBA and i dont know how to save it correctly... Im at this part (Elite Four) where once ive beaten the game it tries to save the game as if it was on the GBA. but since im not using the GBA, it doesnt work like that. i usualy have to go to File > Save. So when the game tries to save it brings me to the menu and where i have to load my saved game. but then it tells me that i dont have a saved game... so i go to File > Load, and im at the part right before the Elite Four, and they arent beaten... Is there a way i can save and load just like the game was on a GBA? just hit start and go to SAVE? if this is far off subject and i posted this in the wrong place, then i have no idea what im doing.....
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