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  1. It's true, the chips used to look and taste much better than they do today.


    Used to have a real nice chip shop near my school. At lunchtime, we would climb over the school walls, so to avoid the head teacher, who would patrol the school entrance. He later found out what we were doing during our lunch time, and came to the chip shop one time. Good thing we had those concrete pillars on the estate to hide behind! :lol:

  2. I really don't know what the fuss is... just be patient and wait for the lite version or standalone. I know everyone is excited by CoinOps 4's release, but all this fuss over the locks is not helping matters. (This is nothing new and has been discussed ad infinitum).


    @Gamez Fan - good idea about an official arcade version of CoinOPs. I don't see why BP will not go for it, but the current climate has to settle, I'd imagine.

  3. If you're having trouble finding decrypted ROMs then it might interest you to know that earlier versions of FB Alpha prior to have the option to extract and save decrypted ROMs when loading a game. :D


    Thanks +T+, problem solved :P


    I don't have my Xbox at the moment, so can't test FBL yet.


    Are these games decrypted as they load in FBL ? (Therefore the decrypted bins are not even needed ?)

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