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  1. Nice to see that there is still some xbox development going on... I used to play a lot of FBL and Coinops some time ago, but then switched to MAME on a PC, only because on the PC there is a way of outputing non interlaced 15khz video resolutions to a standard CRT Scart-TV. The picture quality is so much better, and its "pixel perfect" by nature...(Soft15kHz) I see that there is alot of "pixel perfect" stuff going on here. Maybe there is a way to output non interlaced resolutions on a xbox as well, that would make a lot of pixel perfect stuff obsolete. Have a look at http://forums.xbox-scene.com/lofiversion/i...hp/t662368.html I would love to switch back to xbox FBL / Coinops because I totally miss the perfect user interfaces. They were just perfect compared to the PC stuff. But the playing experience is so much better on a PC due to the low res non interlaced video output.... keep up the good work....
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