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  1. thanx man!!! that was exactly what i wished for what do you mean by " removed all the new stuff and fixed stuff"? thanx again
  2. thanks!!! great work! can i use the thread to make a wishlist? (not new games related) - it would be very nice to have analog controls in driving games (hangon, superhangon, outrun etc...) - the button remap menu could be more friendly (at least on cps2/neogeo games) like the old fba pro: select one button not cycling throught all of them but assign it directly - it would be nice to have the moves list (at least in a menu level like arcade informations) - any chance to re-implement the save state into the neogeogames? - and finally a driver related req : it would be nice to have the "turbo" effect into super hangon
  3. thanx i already have the full showcase (and the addiction of R3), my question was only intended to understand the composition of the full set, since my R3's readme doesn't have any info about it.
  4. I tried to rebuild a coinops set from a 0.135 perfect set, i used the crlmamepro's dat (R3) and after a couple of hours i obtained the new set, i scanned it (with the same R3 dat) and found quite a lot of missing roms (and even some missing set). Why did i encounter this issue? It wasn't supposed to be based on the 0.135 set? there are some older sets in the R3 dat? Thanks a lot
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