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  1. i think this will help to ^^ go to control panel (in category view) - performance and maintenance - click the administrative tools and last click services u can manage ur windows behavior ^^ or control panel (classic view) - administrative tools - click services
  2. try filemirrors.com (i use this) and theres many of bios in ed2k or dc++ or even fastrack server ^^
  3. i don't know if this is working have u already try using clonecd ??? i think thats the best 4 copying cd ^^ it makes 1:1 image
  4. when i'm formating my mem-card (original) with acton replay the psone cannot read anymore in the bios but 4 some game the memory card still useful not with the game like xenogears that have mem-card manager so now my mem-card cannot be copy or delete some1 help me please so i can get my mem-card back to normal thanx in advance
  5. i found the iso for ps2 and the software for pc in ed2k link is there a way to make the usb cable like the x-port have or i just can use the usb cable that use 4 link 2 pc ???
  6. try http://www.neogamez.net/ before it's down for long time
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