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  1. Oh I thought it would be something stupid like that. Thanks a lot, working fine now.
  2. Hi guys, totally brand new to emulation, I saw someone in my class playing pokemon on their laptop and thought it'd be cool. Like I say I know nothing about this so sorry if this has been answered and I didn't realise. Anyway so I'm trying to play Emerald on VisualBoy, had the same save problem mentioned in the first post. Since I'm only playing this one game, I decided to just change the save type to Flash 128K. But it's not working. I saved using Shift-F1, closed down the VisualBoy and when I loaded it back up there was no save slot there. I then tried again, saved using File-Save, and then tried to open the file from where I'd saved it, and it wouldn't let me. The save game file is an SGM file, the emulator says it's an unsupported file type, but I created it using the emulator so obviously not... Any suggestions? I'm right at the start of the game, want to get this problem sorted before I start playing properly so it doesn't matter if it involves starting from scratch. Also, thanks for the thread, I can see a lot of effort's gone into this.
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