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  1. hey BP, I'm new here. I love the emu. I started off on mamex then found mameox then mamedox and then mamedox platinum. I was never really happy with any them. platinum was ok because it played more games then the rest but I was unhappy that I could not add or remove the ROMs I wanted. Then I came across Coinops ignite then I found reignite. I had questions and suggestions but I waited until I read the entire ***CoinOPS re ignite OFFICAL FORUM *** . It took me 3 days to carefully read it over. You closed it about 10 minutes before I was done reading it. Your very talented, no doubt about it. Your only downfall is that you let the negative comments get the better of you. There's an old sang that says don't feed the trolls. I had some comments about reignite if you want to here them. I know you said you would add it to the next build, I just wanted to say, I also think that would be a very good feature. I was also thinking it would be great it you could sort by ROM file size. I made a skin for CoinOPS, your welcome to take a look at it if you like...
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