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  1. any is the "special" version floating around already?
  2. my bad prican, cause i really went through the posts and couldnt find it.
  3. YES u're right! My date was set to the year 8907 for some reason! Now it works! Damn you should make a sticky i guess. Cause i'm not the first one that had this problem
  4. Hey everyone. I have this problem, and it only happens on my xbox.... When i run FBA-XXX and even the previous FBAs, it freezes when i run neogeo games. I would see the progress bar move, and then when it's just about to run the game, it freezes, and i will have to trun off my xbox... My friend's xbox has the exact same files in his harddrives, even the evox configuration is the same. We even have the same bios and motherboard version, but his works....How's that? Please kindly give me some advice,
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