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  1. digimon dawn works mmm not shure about the sound still looking with diferent plugins ok managed to make the audio plugin work (thnx admin) U R better off without it
  2. i'm really new to blogging so here it goes reacently i downloades plugins for the ideas, i've placed them un the same folder of all the files related to nds emulating the pluguins are dll. when i clic un options/plugins/audio, nothing happens so i con use it. Now i know that the rom i'm using has sounth "tested it on no&gba" although thils last emulator has a problem with loading savestates for this game ani aidea how can i get the plugin i dowloaded to work btw digimon dwan work on ideas for those keeping trak on games working on dsemus thx sorry about the spelling and mi
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