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  1. Thanks mate. So there's no way to continue playing my save game.. not at all?
  2. So you're saying that the patch is just changing the save file size setting? As for that part you have made bold: I don't need game specific vba-over.ini.. because I play only one game. P.S. Can you open your head and help me with reason instead of quoting other messages!? I already read the entire thread.
  3. 62 hours of playing.. .all for nothing Edit: Oh wait a minute.. It has been said that you can patch the game and the old quick-save (CTRL + FX) would work.. I know its also been said that sometimes it might cause errors.. but since I have no choice = I don't care So how do I use the patch? I need the game file which I already have and I need an IPS file. Where do I get that patch file? THANKS AGAIN
  4. I've finished the Yellow game and it didn't require such save method for completion. So its not my fault because I couldn't have known. So there's no solution. Thanks anyway.
  5. Yeah, read the entire thread. I'm feeling like stupid for not understanding what to do since so many solutions were described. Can you please quote a certain post that tells exactly what to do? Thanks. :] Edit: "The simplist way to fix this problem is to increase the Flash Memory size in the emulator (Options->Emulator->Save Type and choose "Flash 128K")." I've done that and it helps only if I start the game all over from the beginning, but I don't want that.. Many hours of playing..
  6. Hi and i'm sorry for bringing this thread from the grave I'm playing Pokemon Fire Red and I have the save error. I've seen many kinds of solutions and it got me all confused. Can someone please tell me what is the way to solve the issue? Thanks in advance. Daniel.
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